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Political Poem #4—Civilization Of Texas


This is political poem #4 on the blog. I call the poem Civilization Of Texas  

Malarial wetlands

Paved over.

Southern heat

Air conditioned.

Arid lands




Human development


October 21, 2007 - Posted by | Poetry, Politics, Texas | , ,


  1. Well said.

    Comment by jobsanger | October 21, 2007

  2. there have to be some good things about texas, right? never been there. POI Dog Pondering did call Austin (i think) Home for a while…..

    Comment by geo | October 22, 2007

  3. Yeah…There are some good things about Texas. None of them made it into my poem however. I think the poem gets at the essence of Texas.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | October 22, 2007

  4. Hey. You write well. You should come visit our Poetry Open Mic every Tuesday night at Taft Street Coffee House. I’d love to hear you read some poetry, we could use a few good liberals…


    “JoyfulPoet” host of the Taft Street Open Mic

    Comment by JoAnna Hill | December 18, 2007

  5. JoAnna—Thanks for the compliment. You never know–Maybe I’ll show up.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | December 20, 2007

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