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Central Questions—How To Maintain Relationships Across Distances Of Time & Space

This is part of a Texas Liberal series called Central Questions.

How can people maintain personal relationships across distances of time and space in a world in which we are all very busy?

Here are some possible answers–

1.  Understand that others are as busy as you are and just about any effort to stay in touch is appreciated.

2. Map out what strategies you will pursue to keep up relationships. It could be perodic e-mailings to a list of friends or simply leaving a phone message. Anything to keep the relationship going.    

3.  Apply imagination to maintaining your relationships. Think about old contacts that can be renewed. Think of ways to contact people specific to the individual and what they are doing in life at the moment. 

4. View maintaining relationships as a kind of unpaid job.  It’s something that just takes work.

5. Remember that one good conversation or an afternoon spent together can carry a relationship for a long time.

6. Understand that 99% of the time a lack of reciprocity is not a slap in the face. People are (mostly) doing the best they can. Accept limits in others so your limits will also be accepted. Stick with someone over the long haul and odds are you’ll be glad you did.

Maintaining relationships is one of the most important things an individual can do in life.  Relationships give life context and meaning. 

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  1. There are old friends that we slip on like old shoes. life gets busier from some more than others. I have great freinds that i never see that live less than a mile from my house, it bothers me sometimes but most of the time I know they are doing the same think i am, working,living, raising children, some are just getting drunk,and blogging.

    Comment by bill brady | December 15, 2007

  2. In time some of those relationships you have with people near-by may pick up again as kids grow up or even down the road at retirement.

    And also, a bit of quality makes up for a lot of quantity. You don’t have to see a person all the time for it to be close.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | December 15, 2007

  3. […] For the last decade, I’ve conducted much of my social life via e-mail, cell phone, and in my one or two yearly visits back home to Cincinnati. ( Please click here for a post I wrote about keeping friendships over distances of time and space.) […]

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  4. I learned a lot on dating from this article. Appreciate it!

    Comment by Jacob Runfola | July 4, 2010

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