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1980’s Austin Punk Rockers “The Dicks”

A great 1980’s hardcore band was The Dicks from Austin, Texas. I saw them at least once, and I think twice, at the Jockey Club in Newport, Kentucky. 

In 1983, they played on a bill with Fang at the Jockey Club. What a lineup!

The Dicks album I have is “Kill from the Heart.” I have the vinyl album and someday I’ll play it again.

I can still hum “Rich Daddy” and “No Nazi’s Friend.”  

The Dicks were politically to the left. I liked that at 17 and I like it today.

And they put on a great show. 

The picture above is from 2005.

In the show I saw, the singer was wearing a dress.

Punks grow older like everybody else.

I’m proof of that fact. 

I’m glad The Dicks are stiil around in one form or another.

Please click here for my greatest punk rock moments.

I’ll be hosting a giant punk rock blast in Cincinnati on August 15, 2009.

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  1. When I was in college at UT-Austin I lived a block away from Showdown, a rather dank old bar. I spent the better part of my junior and senior years there drinking cheap pitchers of Lonestar and playing darts.

    Anywho, I mention this because before Showdown was called Showdown it was called Raul’s, and it was a semi-famous punk dive that was the birthplace of the Dick’s. One of the best parts of drinking at Showdown was talking to the creepy, drunken regulars, a group of whom have been drinking there since the inception of the Dicks. A lot of the random crap on the walls and graffiti on the ceiling are left over from those days. Lots of cool stories and funky history with that band and that bar.

    Comment by joe | October 13, 2007

  2. Great comment. Thanks.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | October 13, 2007

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