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Ambulocetus—Or Walking Whale—Is Marine Mammal Of The Week


The Ambulocetus—or walking whale—is the Texas Liberal Marine Mammal of the week. This creature is the first extinct mammal to be selected. 

Don’t feel bad for the extinct Ambulocetus. We will all go the way of this creature.

It’s full scientific name is Ambulocetus Natens. This means “swimming whale that walks.”

It could walk around on land and could also swim quite well. 

The Ambulocetus lived around 50 million years ago. It’s remains have been found so far only in parts of Pakistan and India.

Click here for a great painting of what this creature may have looked like eating some type of horse-like animal.  

The Ambulocetus is seen as a transitional animal on the path towards whales becoming fully aquatic mammals. It is termed as a kind of proto-whale

We are all in stages of transition. Though living entirely in water is quite a commitment. 

The Ambulocetus snared its prey much like a crocodile. It lurked by the shore waiting for some unlucky animal to get too close.  

I wish I could go back in time and see this beast.

Please click here for other Texas Liberal sea life posts and, as this is a political blog, please don’t forget that health care for all is only going to come when government gets involved. That is the only way everybody is going to get covered.

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