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Texas Liberal Meets With Democracy For America Chair Jim Dean


Your favorite blogger, Texas Liberal, had lunch today with Democracy for America Chair Jim Dean and DFA Executive Director Tom Hughes here in Houston.

Also with us were two other locals who knew what they were talking about. They counterbalanced whatever I had to say. 

Tom and I once took a campaign management class together in Washington. He is a political genius.

Jim and Tom are touring the nation giving the top-rate Democracy for America grassroots training course. They are also meeting with locals to assess the political situation around our great nation.

I told Jim and Tom that I felt local Democratic officials in Houston and Harris County have been slow to support my U.S. out of North America initiative. I also suggested that Texas was in fact an independent nation and that the federal income tax is legalized theft.

By their silent nodding, I felt Jim and Tom were in full agreement with all my assertions.

Though I’m not sure why they kept glancing at each other while I talked.

Based in Vermont, Democracy for America was founded by Democratic National Committee chair Howard Dean. Click here to see what they do, donate some money and find a local chapter.  


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  1. Maybe the part where you claim Texas independence threw them off. I believe I would give you the blank stare on that one rather than the assuring nod.

    Comment by John | October 5, 2007

  2. They reminded me that Vermont was once independent. At one point Tom got really agitated and started screaming that Ethan Allen could have kicked Sam Houston’s ass.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | October 6, 2007

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