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Protesters In Burma Fighting Repressive Government

I don’t know much about Burma—or Myanmar— except to say that it is a very repressive country. Buddhist monks and others are currently protesting in Burma for political freedoms. These people appear to be quite brave to protest under such a harsh government.  

This link to the BBC offers a number of articles on the current protests and some background to the situation.

9-26-07— Click here for an update on this post.

September 25, 2007 - Posted by | Burma Protests, Politics

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  1. I live in Chiang Mai and have a quite good and detailed knowledge of the situation in Burma, as there are so many Karen refugees in Thailand. The hands of the Thai government are far from clean. Thailand exploits resoures to this very day but of course no where as much as Europeans and the Chinese. The age of ignorance is over because of the internet and media acessability worldwide.
    I would extort all Americans to look at worldwide issues, and to learn about the world and it’s problems outside the bouderies of your nation.
    In addition, can anybody advise me as to what I can do; other than sound of about this issue in Burma. I refuse to support any violent means of contribution. Look at what we have proved about a military intervention in Iraq. I speak as a an ex-pat brit, and I am truely ashamed of what Tony Blair allowed himself to be lured into!

    Comment by rogcnx | September 25, 2007

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