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Tip Guy In Drive-Up Window While Listening To Disco And You’ll Have A New Friend




Based on ordering food at a Mexican take-out restaurant here in Houston yesterday, if you tip the young man standing in the drive-up window a dollar while listening to loud disco music, you’ll make a new friend.

The young person handed me my food and I give him a buck. It seemed the least I could do given the fumes he had to breathe on a hot day for what is likely low pay.

We did not speak so much as I was playing loud disco music in my car. I was listening to “Fly, Robin, Fly” by Silver Connection. Silver Connection also performed “Get Up And Boogie.”

The guy seemed to like my music.

I’m beginning to think that disco in the universal music of people getting along. I will expand on this idea in future posts. 

September 19, 2007 - Posted by | Good People, Houston, Music, Tip Your Waiter Time-And-A-Half On Holidays


  1. death to disco

    Comment by brady | September 24, 2007

  2. Disco makes everybody in the world happy. I’m going to listen to more disco.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | September 24, 2007

  3. Typical lib…. The “young person” wouldn’t have had to “breath the fumes” all day if stupid whitebread libs like you would shut the engine off and quit releasing said fumes into the atmosphere at $4 a gallon.

    Hey, Engals, if you want to make new friends, next time try parking the car and walking your pearbody into the restaurant. That way you won’t make the mistake of confusing the “young person’s” contempt for you with thinking he likes your music.

    Comment by Fred Nugent | April 21, 2008

  4. You seem angry.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | April 21, 2008

  5. Fred its not the liberals you find in fast food drive throughs with their ford f 150’s running. the liberals are the ones with the hybrid cars that are buying sushi. what town are you from?

    Comment by bill brady | April 22, 2008

  6. Yeah—That’s right.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | April 22, 2008

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