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1912 Socialist Platform—Good Stuff


 In 1912 Socialist Presidential candidate Eugene V. Debs won 6.0% of the popular vote for President. In Texas, Debs won 8.3% of the vote.

Good for Texas!

According to Congressional Quarterly’s Guide to U.S Elections, Vol.2 , Socialists ran for Congress in 161 of the 435 districts. None won, (Though in later years a few would win), but many gathered at or above 20% of the vote.

Socialists in 1912 had a strong platform upon which to base a campaign.

Here are some of the highlights from the Socialist Party Convention that took place in Indianapolis—

Tax Reform—The adoption of a graduated income tax, the increase of the rates of the present corporation tax and the extension of inheritance taxes…… 

Minimum Wage—By establishing minimum wage scales. 

Direct Election of President—The Election of the President and Vice-President by direct vote of the people.

Social Insurance— ….a general system of insurance by the State of all its members against unemployment and invalidism and a system of compulsory insurance of their workers, without cost to the latter, against industrial diseases, accidents and death.

Also in the platform was woman’s suffrage, public ownership of utilities and a shortened work day.

Much of this came to pass. Other aspects of this platform may still someday be enacted.

In any case, much of it was good stuff nearly 100 years ago and it is still good stuff today.

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Use Time In Traffic To Listen To Book Or To Simply Think



The Texas Transportation Institute says Houston commuters “lose” 56 hours a year in traffic jams.

Does anyone else ever get tired of these stories?

I drive a 40 mile round-trip each work day. I often have a book-on–tape or CD going as I drive.  I’m currently listening to an audio version of Moby Dick.  Use the time stuck to learn something or to enjoy a good story.

Or just think about something. Time to think is good.

Houston is a big city and people live in spread-out communities. Traffic is going to happen. It’s up to you to figure out how to use the time. 

Please see the above picture of traffic. Imagine if everybody in those cars was listening to a book or thinking out a question or an issue in their lives.      

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Tip Guy In Drive-Up Window While Listening To Disco And You’ll Have A New Friend




Based on ordering food at a Mexican take-out restaurant here in Houston yesterday, if you tip the young man standing in the drive-up window a dollar while listening to loud disco music, you’ll make a new friend.

The young person handed me my food and I give him a buck. It seemed the least I could do given the fumes he had to breathe on a hot day for what is likely low pay.

We did not speak so much as I was playing loud disco music in my car. I was listening to “Fly, Robin, Fly” by Silver Connection. Silver Connection also performed “Get Up And Boogie.”

The guy seemed to like my music.

I’m beginning to think that disco in the universal music of people getting along. I will expand on this idea in future posts. 

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