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Central Question: How To Reconcile Commitment To Democracy With Often Distressing Nature Of Public?

This is the first installment of an occasional Texas Liberal series called “Central Questions.” 

Today’s question is—–How does one reconcile a commitment to democracy with the often distressing beliefs and actions of the general public?

Possible Answers—

1. Try to see people’s beliefs and actions from their perspective. This takes work and requires sympathy for people who may make little effort to see your side of the debate. Still, it’s worth the trouble.

2. Realize that you are flawed as well. 

3. Consider the view that Democracy in and of itself has merit regardless of the outcome of the democratic process. At core, people must have a say in how they are governed.

4. Consider that in time your views on important issues may gain the ascendancy. For better or worse, few issues are ever fully resolved once and for all. 

5. Consider that this question has no firm answer and that you must take issues and individuals on a case-by-case basis as the situation merits and your personal energy permits.

6. Take actions to move society in the direction you feel is best.    

I’d be happy to hear from the blog reading public any other views on this question.

September 17, 2007 - Posted by | Best Posts July-Dec. 2007, Central Questions, Politics

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  1. With activism Neil!

    Anyone with power does not want a politically active public. It makes their life harder. So it follows we can never allow our masters to be trusted. And therefore must invest in countermeasures. The founding fathers of the US understood this when they created checks and balances. The problem seems that the the checks and balances come from the same class.

    In the America it appears that money is the problem with your republic. If there were some interclass representation of people (economically not racially) then there might be more discussion. Better yet, if your representatives and senators where not always fund raising, perhaps they would have time for politics.

    The ambivalence of the public lies in the monotony of the politics. How large is the difference between Hilary and Rudy? It is small variations of a similar idea. Who cares?

    Comment by Sam Carson | October 2, 2007

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