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Houston Council Residency, Good Questions To Ask Council Candidates & Nice Picture Of Bangor, Maine


A minor flap is taking place in Houston over the residency of two candidates for our Houston City Council.

The issue involves candidates Zafar Tahir and Jack Christie and whether they actually live in Houston city limits. Mr. Christie has quit his race over these concerns.

Who are these people?

Nobody really knows.

With 15 council seats, six-year term limits and terrible voter turnout, the process is not serious. You can’t keep track of it all and the prevailing view of limited government on Council makes sure that little effort is made to address many of the larger problems we have in Houston.

I’ve always felt that any competent person could hold most elected offices. I’m pretty sure that if tomorrow your basic decent public-minded citizen was flown to, say, Bangor, Maine, and appointed to Bangor City Council, they would do a good job.

Within a few months they would be up to speed on the history and workings of Bangor. (The above picture is of Bangor. It looks like a nice place.)

In an effort to get to know these people, blogger Charles Kuffner interviews Houston Council candidates and makes the interviews available to anyone who is interested. I’m sure his questions are good.

What I’d like to learn about Houston City Council candidates is what type of crowd did they hang out with in high school? What books do they read? If any. Do they consider themselves more rigid or more flexible in their personal thought process? What is their overall political philosophy summed up in as few words as possible? Who did they support for President in 2004?

I’d like to have a sense of who the candidates are in a larger sense and how they would lead.

Specific issues can be a type of quicksand when you have many candidates and a term-limited musical chairs council. You’ll never get the full truth and by the time these people reach Council they can simply tell you that circumstances have changed.   

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