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Turning 40—Drug Overdose Claimed Good Friend

This post is part of a Texas Liberal series as I turn 40 this week.   

At 40, I’ve been lucky in that only person close to me has died.

That will change in time, but right now that is the story.

He died of a heroin overdose.

I’m not judgmental about it. Personally, I resisted even marijuana. I avoided weed partly out of  conservatism about drug use and partly out of repulsion about smoking the same joint that five other people were smoking. 

Still, I feel some understanding of why people would do drugs. Reality is a bitch and people do things to escape. I just wish my friend had found a different escape route.

My friend who died was Noam. That was not his real name. He liked Noam Chomsky so that is what I’ll call him.

Noam was the kind of guy who might hit on your girlfriend right in front of your face and you’d forgive him. Maybe it was the license people granted him that made him think he could get away with using heroin.

He was 29 when he died.

Noam was one of the few people I knew at the time who had an interest in books and politics. He had a great deal of personal energy and you were always aware of him when in his presence.

I’m not certain if there was an underlying anger or sadness that led him to heroin. Since those traits, especially the anger, have been present in some of my closest friends, maybe he did have those feelings.

The death toll of friends will only increase as time progresses.  

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