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Regardless Of Any Tropical Storm, I’m Going To Baseball Game Tonight


I’m going to the Houston Astros game tonight regardless of any damned tropical storm making landfall 50 miles to the south in Galveston.

Tropical Storm Humberto is on the way. It’s going to bring a lot of rain and some gusts of wind. 

The big rain is supposed to begin at 10 PM. The game starts at 7:05. I live about 15 minutes from the stadium. 

Click here to see our National Weather Service map that is colorful at the moment with storm warnings.

Click here for a post I made about the behavior of sting rays during tropical disturbances.

Update—The storm moved east of Houston and hit the Beaumont area as a hurricane. The graphic above keeps updating even though I thought I was just going to get one unmoving image. That’s cool.

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The Blog Reading Public Is Wonderful—Texas Liberal Logs 1000th Comment

I’m happy to say Texas Liberal logged its 1000th comment today.

Without readers, and people willing to comment on what they have read, what purpose would the blog have?

For some blogs, 1000 comments is nothing. Yet I’ve seen enough blogs to know that 1000 is an accomplishment for just over 13 months of regular posting.

Laz from Last Row has been my most prolific commentator. I count him as a friend. My good friend from Cincinnati, William, has also left many comments.

Texas blogger John Cobarruvias from Bay Area Houston is my top negative commentator. I’d say he’s left maybe 15 angry messages. Thanks John!

Former California Governor Jerry Brown and Wall of Voodoo singer Stan Ridgeway have left comments. 

Thank you to everybody who has read the blog and thanks to everyone who has commented.

And don’t forget! —-I’m one of five featured political blogs at the Houston Chronicle readers home page and I also blog at Where’s the Outrage?

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