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Turning 40—The One Damn Time I Failed To Vote In 22 Years As Eligible Voter

This is part of a Texas Liberal series of reminisces as I turn 40 this week

Just once in my life have I failed to vote. It was some type of hospital bond issue maybe 20 years ago in Hamilton County, Ohio. It was the only issue on a special election ballot. That is at least how I recall it.I did not give the matter much thought until a professor criticized the low voter turnout for the issue during a class on Canadian politics I was taking. 

Since that day in class, I have often thought about my perfect voting record for primaries, special elections and general elections—Perfect except for one damn vote.   

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Bottom Line—Blogs Need Rick Noriega More Than Rick Noriega Needs Blogs

A recent newspaper article suggests that Texas Senate Democratic candidate Rick Noriega criticized the divisive nature of some political blogs. This set off a fuss among Texas bloggers who have had a hand in supporting Mr. Noriega’s campaign.

What Mr. Noriega thinks about blogs means nothing. Nobody cares. Most newspaper stories, like most blog posts, fade away nearly as quickly as they arrive.

A response by many blogs to the story was to attack the messenger. Some said the story was a plot to separate bloggers from Mr. Noriega.

Some said the story was a plant from the campaign of an opponent of Mr. Noriega.

Yes—Reporters use sources.

Why aren’t more reporters relying on mind-reading abilities? And can’t they get the facts from interpreting cloud patterns?

The newspaper article was of benefit to bloggers because it mentioned them as people putting forth a viable candidate. As a general rule, anyone who mentions your name has done you a favor.

Some Texas bloggers are young people looking to make a name for themselves. Some live in Texas and some now live out of state. Today they are for this and tomorrow they will be for that. There is always another campaign.

Some bloggers are people looking for a gig and for a check.

Other bloggers, likely the majority of Texas bloggers, are people looking for a better Texas and, fairly enough, looking for more influence for blogs because they think this influence will help Texas.

At bottom line, Mr. Noriega is running for the United States Senate from the 2nd largest state in the union and he’ll do what serves his campaign. Bloggers need Mr. Noriega more than Mr. Noriega needs bloggers.

Maybe someday this type of relationship will shift more towards bloggers. But this is where we are at in Texas today.

Mr. Noriega has many constituencies to jumble. The further he goes down the road, the smaller blogs may appear in his rear-view mirror. If Texas bloggers can help send Mr. Noriega down that road to a better Texas, that is, for the moment at least, good enough.  

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