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Turning 40—Good Way To Meet A Girl Was To Read A Book In A Bar

This is the first part of a Texas Liberal series of reminisces as I turn 40 this week. 

The first time I got drunk was in a gay bar called the Eagle Club in Columbus, Ohio. What I recall most from the night was a large video screen over the dance floor playing Dead or Alive’s Brand New Lover and a huge man wearing a big fur coat.

I think the Eagle Club is gone now or has relocated after some type of ownership dispute.

The bar I spent the most time in was Sub Galley on Short Vine Street in Cincinnati. It was the kind of place where you felt you might get tuberculosis from other patrons.

The man who made the submarine sandwiches back in the kitchen was very religious and quiet. This stood in some contrast to what was taking place out in the bar. I think he was praying for our souls.

I did a lot of reading in bars. I found this was a good way to get a girl who would not otherwise speak to me to actually initiate a conversation herself.

“What are you reading?”

Yes—It does score points with a girl to have a 700 page biography of Charles de Gaulle in your hands.

I once made a list of every bar I had visited in Cincinnati. I wish I could find that list because it was impressive. I recall I had maybe 60 bars on my list. Every type of bar except a country bar.

I had no problem being the only straight guy in a gay bar or being the only white guy in a black bar.

But some things are a lot to ask.

My bar days are (mostly) over now. I put in my time.      

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