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After Years Of Republican Endorsements & Corruption, Teamsters Blame Mexico Trucks For Troubles


The Teamsters, led by union President Jim Hoffa in Texas recently, are complaining because trucks from Mexico will now be allowed to drive anywhere in the United States.

The Teamsters have over the years endorsed Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and the first George Bush. Many Teamsters have voted for these men and for other candidates such as George Wallace.

The Teamsters have often permitted corrupt leadership.

But the problem is trucks from Mexico.


We always have to move forward. If the Teamsters have something useful to add to the debate, that’s great. I look forward to Teamsters leadership on a broad array of social and economic justice issues.

As the Teamsters’ membership considers this new trucking development, they should be certain to take a good look in the mirror when considering what has gone wrong.  

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