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NFL Preview—Many Brain Injuries

Here is the Texas Liberal NFL preview— 

I predict this season that many players receive concussions and brain injuries that shorten their lives.

I predict that games will be played in taxpayer-built stadiums that are gigantic Nero-like wastes of money.

I predict that the price of the average NFL ticket will be out of the range of many fans. I also predict that the ridiculous phony blue-collar Hank Williams Jr. will go on singing the working-class virtues of football on the pre-game show.

The only good thing about football is hearing that the Cincinnati Bengals have lost.

The Bengals demanded and got a new stadium after threatening to leave Cincinnati. It was extortion.

In the 1990’s the Bengals had a record of 52-108. In this decade they are 47-65.

I am now going to write the following sentence—

Wild and crazy Cincinnati Bengals cheerleaders—the Ben-Gals— despise taxpayer subsidized stadiums.

Based on experience, I’ll get search engine traffic to the blog from people looking up wild and crazy Cincinnati Bengal cheerleaders.

Hey folks—You’re being ripped off!       

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