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Narwhal Is Marine Mammal Of The Week


The Narwhal is the Texas Liberal Marine Mammal of the Week. 

Known for its tusk, the Narwhal lives in the formerly frozen seas of the Arctic Ocean and in the North Atlantic along the coasts of Canada and Greenland.

The tusk, as you might guess, has been a reason for people to kill Narwhals. In the middle ages, people sold Narwhal tusks as “unicorn horns.”

The tusk can extend to up to nine feet long.

In summer, Narwhals can be found in large transient groups. In winter, they break up under the pressure to find air holes in the pack ice.

Hard times also pull human beings apart. Comradery under stress always merits respect.

At times, Narwhals find themselves trapped under wind-drive pack ice and die. They are also preyed upon by Killer Whales and Polar Bears. The bears get them when they come up for air in the ice. 

It’s not all bleak for the Narwhal. They have the ability to dive for up to 20 minutes. That might be fun. 

Instead of using the tusk to spear fish, Narwhals actually appear to swallow their prey whole. They eat, among other creatures, squid, cod and Greenland Halibut. 

Only the male Narwhal has the tusk. Male Narwhals have been seen fighting each other with the tusks.


Male Narwhals can reach over 15 feet in length and weigh 3,500 pounds. Females reach 14 feet and weigh around 2,200 pounds.

The skin of the Narwhal, called maktaq by native folks, is considered good to eat. The tusks also remain of commercial value.

It is estimated that maybe 50,000 Narwhals are living today.  

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And since you are at a political blog, here is a link to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Library. The great liberal Roosevelt helped save our nation from depression and war.   And don’t forget, it’s going to take a government solution to bring health insurance to all Americans.

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Gay Marriage & Taxes—Yes. Sex In Public Bathrooms—No

Politically I am an economic liberal, a human rights liberal and a social moderate. 

As an economic liberal I favor a government that raises the taxes needed to help ensure a decent society. This is something we do not have in Texas. 

A decent society is one that, for example, guarantees health care for all and provides its people with a quality education.

I believe in a government that takes an active role in regulating the safety of the products we use and consume.

I favor a government that insists employers pay workers a decent wage.

I oppose any privatization of Social Security. I oppose the privatization of just about anything. 

As a human rights liberal, I support the right of all citizens to get married and join the military.

I view the gains of the Civil Rights movement as a cornerstone of our American freedoms no less so than the Bill of Rights.The gains made by women and gays in the last 40 years are also of great value and have made our country better. 

I don’t care what religion a person follows and I don’t care if someone is an atheist.

I don’t care where anybody was born. 

As a social moderate, I oppose the legalization of drugs.

I support efforts, within the bounds of the constitution, to regulate sexually orientated business places.

With Senator Craig in the news, I will also say that I favor policing public restrooms for people having sex.

As long as it is illegal, the police are right to bust people for such behavior.

I want to live in a decent society that is not some Wild West outpost. 

When I give my more socially moderate views, I feel sometimes I’m conveying the idea that I’m not fully tolerant on the broad questions of social justice.

Maybe this is, in part, because I’m not communicating my ideas well. It may also be because we often assume that a person who holds “View A” will automatically hold “View B.”

Yet every person and the views they hold must be considered on an individual basis.

So, on my part, a big yes to gay marriage and a big no to sex in public restrooms.

And, at bottom line, please pay all the taxes that you owe.   

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