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Texas Poverty Rate Is Terrible—Where Are The Democrats And The Christians?

Recent figures from the Census Bureau show that Texas is 9th among the states in the percentage of people living in poverty.

This terrible number has an even greater impact because Texas in the 2nd most populous state in the nation. Over 23 million people live in Texas.

This report was met by silence by both Democrats, who are so-called advocates of the poor, and by so-called Christians.

Christians can be found all over Texas. That is they can be found anytime except when voices are needed to fight for basic social justice in our barbaric state.

16.9% of Texans live in poverty against a national average of 13.3%. 

Texas is 8th of 51 in for the worst percentage of children living in poverty. 23.9% of Texas children live in poverty. The national average is 18.3%.

Both the national average and the Texas average are disgusting.

America hates children because children are economic dependants and we despise anybody not able to pay their own way. Some might protest that people love their own children. Who cares? Maybe Himmler loved his own children. What about other children who live outside your home? They count as well.

Where the all Democrats and the liberals and the Christians? Where is the compassionate conservatism?       

September 6, 2007 - Posted by | Politics, Texas, Ways We Hate Children


  1. The fact that America hates children is evident by how many are killed in utero.

    Christians can be found all over Texas. That is they can be found anytime except when voices are needed to fight for basic social justice in our barbaric state.

    I don’t know Neil, doesn’t pro-life advocacy qualify as fighting “for basic social justice”? The right to life seems to be a pretty basic right. Unless, of course, one’s worldview denies that life does not begin at conception, but at birth.

    Where are all the “so-called Christians”? This is a fair question, but one which I would temper with the following: this might come as a surprise but not everyone who identifies himself/herself with Christ truly follows after Him.

    Just because someone claims to be a “slave of Christ” (what the word “Christian” originally meant, see Acts 11:26) does not make that person a Christian.

    Admittedly, Christian or not, we could all afford to do a little more for those who have less. Biblically, we [Christians] are not to help those who, out of laziness, refuse to work.

    Does that mean that all poor people fall into this category? Of course not, but we must be discerning in what or into whom we pour our God-given resources into. Good stewardship of God-given resources is commanded.

    Helping the poor is not, at least Biblically, the Christian’s main concern. While it is not obligation for the Christian to give to the needy, it is an expectation (Jesus said, “When you give…” not if).

    The primary mission Jesus gave His followers (which His Apostles, especially Paul, did rather well) is the following,

    Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age. –Matthew 28:19-20

    Given this, every mouth on earth could be fed and every belly full but without the saving message of Christ, folks would be just as lost.

    I do not expect a non-Christian to understand any of this, but it is what it is.

    Comment by Laz | September 7, 2007

  2. Laz—It would not be a surprise if not all people who call themselves Christians fail are not quite aware of what they really mean by the label. That’s true for all kinds of things people call themselves.

    I’m not sure good stewardship of our God-given resources is taking place under the Godly Mr. Bush. Though I know you are not a reflexive defender of Mr. Bush.

    Happy to let you have your say. Thank you for the comment.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | September 7, 2007

  3. I’m not sure (though I’m no historian) good stewardship of our God-given resources has taken place under any U.S. President, godly or not.

    You can probably extend that to most world leaders (my native country’s history is unfortunately a case study).

    I’m afraid this is one more indication of the fallen world in which we live, though this is no excuse to sit idly by and do nothing at all.

    Comment by Laz | September 7, 2007

  4. We can sure agree, in our own ways, that this is a fallen world and that one should not sit idly by.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | September 7, 2007

  5. Maybe you should not blame the democrats, Texas has a conservative republican governor who has brought up succession the past few days. I do not believe that a person who would even mention succession as a solution to anything is qualified to be the governor of a state. Texas is terrible statistically on poverty and high school graduation rates. Do you think those things might be connected? Tell Governor Jed Clampett to step up with a real plan to help the less fortunate citizens of Texas and stop embarrassing himself and his state with succession blather.

    Comment by sammy b | April 17, 2009

  6. sammy b–Thanks for your comment. It’s just that I expect nothing of Republicans and have so often been let down by Democrats. I do criticize Republicans some times and I did post about what Governor Perry said. But I find that often the knife comes from your side of the aisle.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | April 17, 2009

  7. It makes no sense that a true Christian person does not care nor help the poor.
    The bible has much to say on this subject in
    actuality…the scripture ..how hard it is for a rich person to go to heaven..a camel
    passing through an eye of a needle…
    I cannot understand in this why more or most
    of the church people are not for the new health care reform bill…which could be
    better but it does definitely help a lot of
    people and children a great deal..ie with
    the ever rising costs of doctor bills..hospital bills..insurance payments..
    the way that everyone has to have some health
    insurance unless a true public option could
    be passed made this necessary..it is also
    my understanding if a person cannot pay for
    any of this insurance there are definite
    provisions put in this new bill for them as
    well..it was necessary to have a high number
    of people with health insurance to try then
    to get the health insurance people to get
    their rates for insurance down either that
    or have a universal insurance as most in
    dustrail places in the world do have,,this
    also would definitely help in rates as of
    course the hospital will raise all rates to
    care for those that come in an emergency room
    without any insurance and the very crowded
    condtions this also gives many large city
    emergency rooms.

    Comment by sam hall | December 22, 2010

  8. The bible like everything is interpretation
    as well…how one interprets what is written. Some Chritians are not at all thinking animals..including pet dogs etc are
    very important..nor enviormental issues.
    Interpretation again…The Monks of New Skete
    made this same thought in their book..they are a very well known people who raise wonder
    ful very well trained German Shepherd dogs
    for pets..there is much in the bible that
    does show God cares about all people..his
    enviorment on earth and the animals he made
    as well. perhaps we should remember God
    did not make us though puppets on a string
    and we all make our own choices..one would
    think and hope Christian means compassionate
    truly compassionate as to others..not glutens
    in our food habits…and with great respect
    for our enviorment and the beaut of it.

    Comment by sam hall | December 22, 2010

  9. I do believe some Democrats are aware of what
    has become a very growing situation of the
    very rich and the very poor..plus the middle
    class close to beoming in the poor situation.
    But is seems the ultra right wing of today
    and the tea party poltical people are totaly
    interested in their rich benefactors that put
    them in political office. of course there are rich Democrats as well but the majority
    of them seem to by their votes be truly in
    terested in helping the middle class and the
    poor of today. remember though now the ultra
    right wing has the majority of votes in Con
    gress and the Senate..President Obama can
    still veto as President but it will be a
    difficult time for the middle class and the
    poor..does it not then go back to the voters.
    who the majority vote for…be a well informed voter..which you will not be if
    you listen to the vast majority of Fox news..
    they have a definite agenda which is always
    to favor the ultra rich..in all situations
    regardless..as Murdock is one of them..and
    pays very little taxes on his vast income.
    W,Buffet ..Bukk Gates also very succesfful
    rich men were against keeping the tax cuts
    for the very rich…in truth if you look
    at the true research..the majority of the
    rich have not given America more jobs in the
    last years..they invested in stocks etc..that
    helped make China etc. richer..the oversears
    producing stocks..where the plants and jobs
    were going.

    Comment by sam hall | December 22, 2010

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