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Malcolm X’s Use Of “So-Called”—The Rhetorical Gift That Never Stops Giving


The rhetorical gift that never stops giving is Malcolm X’s use of the term “so-called.”

Malcolm would discuss the “so-called Negro” or the “so-called Christian.” 

He used the phrase “so-called’ all the time. And so do I.

I use it in my blog and I use it when talking to people.

It never stops being effective.  

Here is a link to two other posts I’ve made regarding Malcolm X. Scroll down for a just a moment and you will see them.

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Texas Poverty Rate Is Terrible—Where Are The Democrats And The Christians?

Recent figures from the Census Bureau show that Texas is 9th among the states in the percentage of people living in poverty.

This terrible number has an even greater impact because Texas in the 2nd most populous state in the nation. Over 23 million people live in Texas.

This report was met by silence by both Democrats, who are so-called advocates of the poor, and by so-called Christians.

Christians can be found all over Texas. That is they can be found anytime except when voices are needed to fight for basic social justice in our barbaric state.

16.9% of Texans live in poverty against a national average of 13.3%. 

Texas is 8th of 51 in for the worst percentage of children living in poverty. 23.9% of Texas children live in poverty. The national average is 18.3%.

Both the national average and the Texas average are disgusting.

America hates children because children are economic dependants and we despise anybody not able to pay their own way. Some might protest that people love their own children. Who cares? Maybe Himmler loved his own children. What about other children who live outside your home? They count as well.

Where the all Democrats and the liberals and the Christians? Where is the compassionate conservatism?       

September 6, 2007 Posted by | Politics, Texas, Ways We Hate Children | 9 Comments