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Texas Fish Kill As Andy Warhol Painting

I’ve been getting a lot of search engine traffic today about a recent fish kill on Bolivar Peninsula in Galveston County, Texas.

The Beaumont Enterprise has a short article suggesting that it algae or low oxygen levels in the Gulf of Mexico that may be the culprit. It does not appear to be a red tide outbreak.

Here is a link to red tide in Texas. 

Here is a link to the “harmful algae page.”

The fish apparently washing up the most in Bolivar was the Gulf Menhaden. Above is a drawing of that fish. Here are some facts about the Atlantic Menhaden.

I’ve posted the picture three times to give it an Andy Warhol quality.   

Here is a link to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Library. F.D.R helped saved this nation from both depression and war by use of the powers of government. Today, government may well be needed to solve America’s health insurance crisis.    

That has nothing to do with fish. Yet however much I enjoy writing about marine life, this is a political blog. 

Here is a link to other posts I have made about sea life.

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Edwards, Noriega, Franken & William Henry Harrison—The Texas Liberal Victory Team


For 2008, I support John Edwards for President, Rick Noriega for the U.S. Senate from Texas and Al Franken for the U.S. Senate from Minnesota.

Some say I’ve endorsed what can now be termed the Texas Liberal Victory Team only in the hope that one of them will be willing to name a post office after me or, maybe even better, after my blog.

There is a measure of truth in that assertion. Yet it’s also true I have kicked in $75 to the Noriega campaign and $20 to the Edwards campaign. I gave $20 to the Edwards people when I saw him speak at a BBQ restaurant in Houston earlier this year.

I will make further donations to my Victory Team.

Regretfully, no type of bar ticket was offered in exchange for my donation at the Edwards rally and I had to pay for my own beer. I’d note that the 1840 Log Cabin Campaign of my fellow Ohioan William Henry Harrison remains a model of how to dispense alcohol to the public in exchange for votes.

Since no endorsement of Senator Edwards is complete without a picture of President Harrison, I have included one above.

I’ve also added President Harrison to the Victory Team. While it could be argued that Harrison is dead, it is also so that he is a proven vote-winner. It’s something of a trade off.

I reserve the right to rescind my endorsement if I am offered hard cider.

At the risk of sincerity, I support Senator Edwards because of his focus on issues of poverty and class in our country. These are the core issues behind my personal commitment to liberalism. I believe that Senator Edwards is willing and able to address these concerns with optimism for the future and without immigrant-bashing.

Having made this public endorsement, I await offers of patronage. Anyone who has read Robert Remini’s Martin Van Buren And The Making Of The Democratic Party,— And to serve my vanity let me be clear, I’ve read it— will tell you that to the victors go the spoils.

That primaries have not yet begun for any victories to be won does not diminish my expectations. 

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