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Carnival Cruise Ship Conquest Is Smoke-Belching Disease-Producing Monstrosity


The Carnival Cruise ship Conquest is a smoke-belching, disease-producing monstrosity. 

I saw this ship today docked at Galveston, Texas. It was letting off a lot of dirty smoke into the air. Here is a link about cruise ship pollution.

Why is this ship called the Conquest? I don’t know. Much of the native population of the Caribbean was exterminated some time ago. Who is left to conquer? Here is a link to Caribbean slavery. Here is link to smallpox. Here is a link to venereal disease.

What the ship should be called is the Tax Avoidance. Tax avoidance is why it is registered in Panama.

On board ship, passengers may contract Norwalk virus. This affliction can also be termed viral gastroenteritis. There have been repeated outbreaks of Norwalk virus on cruise ships because people don’t wash their hands. The passengers make each other sick.

Here is a link about low pay for the crew on cruise ships.

Here are some real facts about Jamaica instead of the little you see when you take a cruise that stops in that nation.  

Here is a story about comments Pope John Paul II made pertaining to the exploitive aspects of tourism. Here is another link to the same subject.

Cruise junkie.com has a lot of good information about cruise ships. It has lists of cruise ship accidents, illness outbreaks, the number of people who have fallen overboard and other good stuff. 

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Paul Wellstone’s Son Criticizes Dennis Kucinich


David Wellstone, son of the late Senator Paul Wellstone, says none of the current Democratic presidential candidates can truthfully call themselves “Wellstone Democrats.”  

While not all the candidates would want that label, Mr. Wellstone cites silly Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich as someone calling himself a Wellstone Democrat when really he should not.

The Wellstone camp says Mr. Kuchinich runs a more negative and attacking campaign than Senator Wellstone was inclined to conduct.   

Representative Kucinich is not a serious candidate in the model of Jesse Jackson 20 years ago. While Reverend Jackson was not going to win the nomination, he did well in primaries and won delegates. Rep. Kucinich is all about spouting off in debates and not much else.

Dennis Kucinich is no Paul Wellstone.


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