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I’m Not Sending Any Money To National Stonewall Democrats Until Texas President Resigns

Some weeks back I posted that I was going to send a small donation to the national Stonewall Democrats.

Not long after I made my post, the President of the Texas Stonewall Democratic Caucus, Shannon Bailey, was accused of engaging in oral sex in a public place.

Mr. Bailey has not resigned or been forced to resign. Because of this, I’ve not sent my donation. If he is found innocent later, the matter can be taken from that point. Right now it’s clear this person must go.  

(Here is a post by Texas blogger McBlogger who was at a Stonewall Democrat meeting.)  

One reason I’ve always had a soft spot for Malcolm X is because, when all is said and done, nobody but you can be counted on to fight for your rights.

I know that many people care about people not like themselves—Yet that did not do black folks much good until blacks started marching and fighting for themselves. White support mattered a lot. But that bottom line of doing it for yourself was still present.   

I lived in Cincinnati in 1993 when voters in that city decided to take away some legal protections for gays that had been extended to other citizens. (That vote has since been overturned by the electorate.) 

Seeing such a vote, I took a concern for the rights of gay citizens. I did so even after Stonewall Cincinnati offered a weak and rotten response to that vote. That Stonewall, which is a totally different group from the Stonewall at issue here, was not willing to fight for their own damn rights. 

Now I get this junk from so-called gay rights advocates in Texas.  

I can walk away from this cause. I won’t–But that’s not the point. The point is that if you can’t count on your own folks to get it right, you really can’t count on anybody.   

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