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Anne Hutchinson Of Rhode Island—Brave As Hell


I noticed that since I started running pictures on the blog nearly two months ago, I’ve not posted a picture of a woman.

The first picture of a woman on Texas Liberal is of Anne Hutchinson. Mrs. Hutchinson, who lived from 1591 until 1643, was a founder of Rhode Island.

The core of the story is that Mrs. Hutchinson held that neither church nor state was needed to connect a believer to his or her God.

As you might imagine, this assertion was a threat to the rulers of Massachusetts Bay Colony. In Massachusetts, church and state were intertwined and the average colonist was expected to adhere to established orthodoxies.

Mrs. Hutchinson was termed a “leper” and banished to Rhode Island in 1638. There she worked with Roger Williams who had also been exiled from Massachusetts.

Given the difficulty in taking a hard stand that exists to this day, it’s nearly impossible the imagine the type of personality and the extent of courage it took for a woman to risk banishment in a wilderness nearly 400 years ago. 

Mrs. Hutchinson gave birth to 14 children. Her husband, a cloth merchant, was said to have been supportive. To what extent he was supportive, I do not know.

The above picture is of Mrs. Hutchinson facing trial for her views in Massachusetts. The painting was done by Edwin Austin Abbey.        

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Republican Idaho & Public Toilet In Ancient Rome


 To give you a sense of how Republican Idaho is, the Senate seat to be given up tomorrow by Larry Craig has been held by a Democrat for a total of just under 8 years since Idaho Statehood in 1890. The last time was in 1946.

Don’t despair though—Idaho did elect for it’s other Senate seat the great liberal Frank Church between 1957 and 1981. Senator Church was a champion of Civil Rights. He lost his seat in the 1980 Reagan landslide which cost Democrats the Senate.

Senator Church was the last Democrat to represent Idaho in the U.S.Senate.

The above picture is of a public toilet back in ancient Rome days. It looks quite open in terms of  making a covert solicitation.

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