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Lousy Comments From Houston City Controller Annise Parker

Houston City Controller Annise Parker, a Democrat, recently made some disappointing comments in the Houston Chronicle about City Councilmember Peter Brown.

Mr. Brown is also a Democrat.

These comments appeared in a Kristen Mack column highlighting Councilman Brown’s intent to run for Mayor of Houston in 2009. 

A focus of Ms. Mack’s column was to suggest that Mr. Brown is not realistic in his plans and goals for Houston.  A suggestion is made that Mr. Brown’s agenda is overly broad.

Mr. Brown wants to more aggressively address social issues and urban planning concerns.

Wild! Where did he ever get the idea that stuff like that matters? Is Brown a follower of Trotsky?

Ms. Parker, also a potential candidate for Mayor in 2009, said about Mr. Brown, “You have to focus on what’s achievable…”

Ms. Parker is an openly gay elected official. Were the gains of the gay rights movement “achievable” at the time of the Stonewall protests in 1969?

How long are we supposed to wait for basic standards of social justice and fair play to become “achievable” in Houston?

How long are we supposed to wait before clean air and decent schools become “achievable?”

Ms. Parker should know better. I bet she does.

Yet what Ms. Parker may know best are her own political ambitions. I’m sure that signaling to potential business campaign donors that she is a “safe Democrat” is achievable for Ms. Parker.

Life is brief and often brutal. Who needs this stuff from people who should know better?   

August 20, 2007 - Posted by | Houston, Houston Council Election '07, Politics

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