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Texas State Senators Whitmire & Ellis Drive Luxury Cars On Campaign Donor’s Dime

Houston-area Texas State Senators John Whitmire and Rodney Ellis, both Democrats, used campaign funds to rent luxury automobiles during the recently concluded Texas legislative session. This is according to a Houston Chronicle article from July 30, 2007. 

While not illegal, it is disappointing. Republicans in Texas do the same kind of thing, but I expect more from Democrats. 

Senator Whitmire used $ 4,740 in campaign funds to lease a BMW. Senator Ellis used  $ 6,762 in campaign funds to lease a gas-guzzling Cadillac Escalade.

These actions are out of touch with the day-to-day lives of the voters who send Mr. Whitmire and Mr. Ellis to Austin.

Senator Whitmire said in response to the Chronicle article—‘The good news is it’s not taxpayer dollars.” Nobody is suggesting Senator Whitmire would use taxpayer dollars to rent a luxury automobile.

Are voters supposed to be glad that Senator Whitmire’s nice car is funded by wealthy special interest donors?

It’s not Teapot Dome here, but it is frustrating when people you bascially see as decent do this kind of stuff.

The Chronicle also notes that Governor Rick Perry spent $1,387 in campaign funds for a two-night stay at the U.S. Grant Hotel in San Diego. I walked into the fancy lobby of the Grant last March while on a vacation paid for with funds earned by working.

A view of the lobby was all I could afford of the Grant.

Governor Perry took some well-deserved heat earlier this year when Ted Nugent displayed a treasonous Confederate flag at Perry’s inaugural ceremonies.

I guess Governor Perry finds General Grant at least good for something.          

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