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What Do You Do With A Right-Wing Half-Brother?

My half-brother was in Houston yesterday on a work related visit. We had dinner at a hotel at Bush Airport before he flew back home.

He and I did not know each other as kids. He’s maybe six years older than I am. I’m not exactly certain of his age. As adults we see each other when circumstances permit. That might mean twice a year or it might mean three or four years without seeing each other.

My half-brother is very much to the right politically. That is, of course, his choice. He has some strong right-wing views on economic questions. Though, based on what he said last night, he at least has some problems with President Bush’s leadership style. 

I’ve never found it within myself to open up in any meaningful way to my half-brother and his family. In my view, shared values are an important part of relationships.  Including family relationships. Beyond that, I only have the energy for so much. Isn’t living in Texas enough?

I don’t know what “opening up” would involve. All I can say is that I’m not the same person around his family as I am around friends.   

I suspect I’m off course in how I’m handling this issue. Given the brevity of life, maybe some way exists to open the door a bit and see if a more substantive relationship is possible with these folks. 

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