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Texas Blogger Who’s Playin? Waves Impeachment Banner

Fellow Texas blogger Who’s Playin? had enough and felt he had to do something.  So he did. He and some other folks took the case for impeachment to a highway overpass.

It takes all kinds of actions to get things done. You need letter writing, blogs, voting, volunteering, donations, and making the case to friends and family.

It also takes public actions such as waving a sign from a highway overpass. This tells folks that what they are feeling is also felt by others.

I don’t think an effort to impeach President Bush is worth the energy it would take and the distraction it would involve.  As much as I dislike Mr. Bush’s conduct of office, I think impeachment is almost always a political act. That is how it was in the case of President Andrew Johnson and how it was in the case of President Bill Clinton

When both sides of the aisle knew a president had to go, Richard Nixon quit his office. 

No matter though what I think—Who’s Playin? is clearly on a good path.

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So Much Litter At Rollover Pass On Bolivar Peninsula

What in the world is with all the litter at Rollover Pass on Bolivar Peninsula in Galveston County? This is a well-known Texas fishing spot.

I don’t fish. But if I did, I don’t think I’d want to fish in all that mess. People just toss stuff on the ground.

One man who had a license plate saying he was a disabled vet, flicked his cigarette butt in the water. Is that what he was fighting overseas for the right to do?   

Here are some great aerial shots of Rollover Pass.

I’ve called Galveston County Judge Ralph Yarbrough to voice my concern.

Maybe what is needed is an undercover litter patrol.  

July 26, 2007 Posted by | Galveston, Sea Life | 13 Comments