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I’d Like To Take Fellow Blogger Pink Dome To Galveston

I spent a few minutes at Crystal Beach today. Crystal Beach, on Bolivar Peninsula in Galveston County, Texas is where a man got flesh eating virus last week.

The so-called flesh eating virus occurs in warm Gulf of Mexico waters and it can infect people with weakened immune systems. The flesh eating virus sounds awful because it is awful. However, it is not a large threat to Texas beachgoers.

I did not go in the water at Crystal Beach because I’m afraid of the jellyfish and sting rays and whatever else is lurking under the waves. I like to view the ocean from the shore. 

Fellow Texas blogger Pink Dome made a post about the flesh-eating incident a few days back. Pink Dome suggested Texas beaches were nasty and that people might wish to vacation in Hilton Head.

I go to Galveston every six weeks or so to take a nice walk on the beach. I’m not so certain that all the people who go to the beach at Galveston or on Bolivar Peninsula are always financially able to enjoy a vacation in Hilton Head—Though it is nice of Pink Dome to make the suggestion.

I love all my fellow Texas bloggers and Pink Dome is my favorite blogger of all. I’d like to take Pink Dome on a nice day trip to Galveston. I’ll buy lunch and show off all the many attractions. I know the island well.

Pink Dome—Just send me an e-mail and we’ll pick the day.   

July 25, 2007 Posted by | Galveston | 5 Comments