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Pink Dolphin In Galveston


A pink dolphin was spotted in Galveston, Texas recently. Though really it is an albino.

Above is a picture of the pink dolphin.

I am going to Galveston tomorrow and maybe I’ll get lucky and see the dolphin.

Here is a link to information about dolphins in Asia that are supposed to be pink

The Pink Dolphin is a gay bar in Galveston. It’s located across the street from the seawall which protects Galveston from hurricanes. Above you’ll see a picture of the seawall. It does its job well.

Here is a link to milestones in the history of U.S. gay rights.

All people should have all their rights.    

I told a friend I was going to Galveston and that maybe I’d see the pink dolphin. She translated pink dolphin to “albino whale.”

If I were in pursuit of a white whale I’d be Captain Ahab from Moby Dick.

Update—I saw a number of dolphins in Galveston. But, sadly, not the pink dolphin.

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  1. At UT there was (he might still be there though I was there 10 years ago) an albino squirrel which one of my good friends believed brought him good luck on exams.

    I never saw the furry critter on my way to tests but my friend swore that every time he would see the squirrel he would do well on a test.

    I would tell him that his performance might have to do more with his diligence in hitting the books, but he would not let go of his superstition.

    Comment by Laz | July 24, 2007

  2. Yeah..an albino good luck squirrel. Just the kind of thing I’m talking about.You should have not discounted the squirrel.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | July 24, 2007

  3. They have albino squirrels at UNT as well

    Comment by John | July 24, 2007

  4. Since you have an actual tag entitled sea life (althought this post is missing it), and have mentioned Moby Dick a couple of times, I thought you might enjoy this link from the New Yorker. I thought of you yesterday on the M train when I was reading this article. http://www.newyorker.com/arts/critics/books/2007/07/23/070723crbo_books_crain

    Did you have a pink dolphin sighting on your trip yesterday?

    Comment by The Know-All | July 25, 2007

  5. I will check out your link. Thank you.

    Sadly, though I did see many dolphins, I did not see the pink dolphin.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | July 25, 2007

  6. I observed a very large gray dolphin with a bubble gum pink underside just off the Galveston ferry landing from the upper deck of the ferry around noon last Sunday, September 30. It did not resemble the picture of the albino bottlenose baby dolphin. It was jumping straight up, very high and touching in mid-air another dolphin with normal coloring. I mentioned it to a Boliver friend who said there had been unconfirmed sightings. I hope others will get a chance to see this unuual sight. I wasn’t able to get a photo.

    Comment by Barbara Hurst | October 4, 2007

  7. Ms. Hurst—Thanks for that great comment and report of another pink dolphin.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | October 4, 2007

  8. Dearest Kinfolk:
    Today is 06.06.08, Friday The 13th.
    6+6+8=20=2- Balance.
    Union. Receptive. Yin

    Declaring meself a Motorhead to Play The Game~

    My beloved, David and I were checking out your page to see if we could see what’s up tonight, as I have a hot date with him.
    I tried to call the club number, but got a fax machine…sorry if I interupted your line there, O&E, but it is Friday The 13th :)))))
    I suppose we will just have to show up and see, as I am certain that it will be all inspiring as every day at The Pink Dolphin is!
    Thank you beautiful people for all the love you give us ALL!

    Swiss Schall-Hart~
    And Dave….always gonna be a Dave behind me…

    Comment by Swiss Hart | June 13, 2008

  9. Here’s our link to happiness…Mwah

    Comment by Swiss SchalHart | June 13, 2008

  10. i hope you see a pink dolphin!

    Comment by dolphinlover555 | January 11, 2009

  11. Cool

    Comment by Fleture | June 16, 2013

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