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Godzilla Reasonable To Fight Aliens, Other Monsters & Humans

Recently I watched Godzilla—Final Wars. This movie was released in 2004.

I wonder why Godzilla never comes for Houston. 

In Godzilla—Final Wars, aliens called Xilians have arrived on Earth to consume human mitochondria. The Xilians, beyond their superior technology, have taken over the minds of Earth’s monsters. Giant armadillos, crabs and other creatures are under alien control.

The Xilians consistently refer to humans as “cattle.” 

The humans know they have no choice but to wake up Godzilla. Godzilla was put to sleep in a previous movie. The problem is that even though Godzilla might be able to defeat the aliens and other monsters, he will also attack humans. Godzilla does not like humans. 

Godzilla would fight the aliens and the other monsters because they were attacking him. His hatred of humans did not blind him to his own self-preservation. Godzilla would attack humans because of his anger over nuclear tests and pollution of the Earth.

I saw Godzilla’s position as reasonable. He was not fighting only for the sake of fighting. Just as the Xillans saw eating humans as fair play given how humans raised animals for slaughter themselves, Godzilla felt that poor human stewardship of the Earth gave them little valid claim to run the planet.

Godzilla did have a friend in the movie. He was assisted by Mothra. Everybody needs a friend. 

Sometimes in life it is hard to find an ally. Godzilla was not reflexively anti-social. He had a comrade in Mothra. Godzilla found himself in a world not of his making. He sought out the right line between, on the one hand, always reacting to events and, on the other hand, acting as if he were the only monster on Earth.

That Godzilla chose the more difficult course instead of selling himself out to either side is to be admired. 

I support Godzilla’s actions in this circumstance.      

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  1. Remember, it’s “puff – puff – pass”… 😉

    Comment by Whosplayin | July 20, 2007

  2. I wonder why Godzilla never comes for Houston.

    You may have answered your own question with this:

    …Godzilla felt that poor human stewardship of the Earth gave them little valid claim to run the planet.

    Perhaps the “cattle” in Houston are rancid to Godzilla’s palate.

    Comment by PDiddie | July 20, 2007

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