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A good thing about blogging are readers who track down your blog looking for information about something you find interesting.

I’ve made some posts about President Andrew Jackson—who was a friend of Sam Houston—and as a result I get search engine hits from people looking for Andrew Jackson. With that in mind, here are some solid books on Jackson and his times.

Jackson’s leading biographer is Robert Remini. He wrote a three-volume biography of Jackson that is also available condensed into one book. The one volume is a great starting point. The three volume set is still around as well. 

Richard Hofstadter’s classic The American Political Tradtion has a chapter critical of Jackson.

Arthur Schlesinger’s The Age Of Jackson is a Pulitzer Prize winning assessment of Jackson and his times.

A darker take on the same era is found in The Jacksonian Persuasion by Marvin Myers.

Here is the link to the C-Span series on Andrew Jackson that ran in 1999.

Thanks for reading this blog. The more you know about history the better you can understand the present. You’ll also be a more interesting person.

Here is a link to other Texas Liberal posts involving books in one way or another.

July 19, 2007 - Posted by | Blogging, Books, Political History, Reading Lists

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