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South Texas Chisme 100% Right On Toll Roads For Well-Off In Houston

South Texas Chisme has it just right on so-called congestion rates for Houston toll roads.

Here is South Texas Chisme’s post on the subject today. Italics are excerpts taken from The Houston Chronicle — 

“Houston toll ways should be for the rich and only the rich. How dare those other people think they have the right to drive on the highways built by and for the rich?

Heated opposition may have forced Harris County to cancel a steep increase in tolls to relieve gridlock on the Westpark Tollway, but such “congestion pricing” likely will be essential as population growth and traffic outstrip capacity, officials say.

“I believe that ultimately there will be customers who contact us asking for congestion pricing,” County Commissioner Steve Radack said.

County Judge Ed Emmett said all other forms of transportation, from passenger airlines to freight haulers, charge a premium for speed and convenience. Tolls that vary with demand follow the same principle.

If the toll ways are congested, just how congested are the roads for the poor people? Let them eat cake.”

I’ll add a bit more.

The City of Houston just passed a budget with more money for cops and, also, a small property tax cut. We need the police we need in Houston. Of course, we need many other things in Houston and cutting property taxes won’t help pay for those things.

Beyond that, Harris County will be putting a bond issue on the November ballot that will in large part go to pay for jails. At the same time, the Houston school district is hesitant to place a bond issue on the ballot because, in part, the jail issue will already be up for a vote.

Here you have Houston defined. Lower taxes, inner-loop living (Disclosure—I live inside the loop. ) and increased mobility for the well-off.  Jails, cruddy schools and more gridlock for everybody else.

When will City Hall so-called Democrats be taking the lead on these issues? Or, like so many big city Democrats, will they simply take our votes and then, in essence, tell supporters to take a hike?  

One more thing–Some have suggested that a possible solution is that people consider living closer to where they work. Yet for most that is not a viable option. Most people live where they can afford to live and than take the job they are able to get. That is what life is in Houston.      

July 10, 2007 - Posted by | Houston, Politics


  1. maybe they should build a light rail in one of the toll lanes and give the avg. person a out of this traffic mayhem. As if they would catch the train? Do they have car pool lanes in texas?

    Comment by Bill Brady | July 11, 2007

  2. We have car pool lanes. The police need them to drive by themselves in their personal cars. Cops do it all the time here.

    Frankly, I’m not sure a solution exists to traffic issues in Houston. All we do is build more roads and expand the old roads. We seem to always have money for more roads. I think what matters most is that road contractors be able to live off the public dime and that they always have more roads to build.

    Comment by neilaquino | July 12, 2007

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