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Motorhead’s Lemmy Is With Me All The Time

For years in Ohio and now in Texas, I don’t go anywhere without my picture of former People’s Court judge Joe Wapner signed by Motorhead singer Lemmy Kilminster. I’ve kept it in my wallet for almost 20 years. Lemmy signed it in a bar in Cincinnati.

Why did I have a picture of Judge Wapner? I don’t know. What I know is that I handed it to Lemmy and he signed his name and drew a mustache across Judge Wapner’s face.

Lemmy is right up my alley. For one thing, Motorhead’s Ace of Spades is one of my favorite songs. I enjoy it when Lemmy sings—“Pushing up the ante/ I know you want to see me /read it and weep/ the dead man’s hand again.”

That’s music.

Lemmy’s unchanging ways satisfy my puritanical side. The All Music Guide to Rock notes that despite the punk speed of Motorhead’s heavy metal music, Lemmy and the band did not change their look during punk’s late 1970’s ascendancy. It’s been the same biker routine and the same music since day one and for almost 30 years now.

Many punk rockers and heavy metal enthusiasts are, to varying degrees , puritans, or maybe even separatists, at heart. As an aging ex-punk, I can speak from experience.  I embrace change when I must. At times, I suppose, I even welcome change. (Though please keep that quiet.) I want to be part of society even if it is often disgusting. In fact, I get mad at people who shut themselves off from others.

Yet with Lemmy in my wallet, I can still find refuge in an unchanging three-minute sonic blast that wants not a damned thing to do with this often quite mean-spirited American Idol-infected world.

As long as I pay my taxes, vote and am mostly kind to others, I can still have my Lemmy autograph. Right?  

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