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I’ll Turn Scooter Anger Into A Rick Noriega Endorsement

Abe Lincoln said never to write anything when you are angry. I’m breaking that rule. It’s not the first time I have broken that rule.

The decision of our Texas President President George W. Bush to allow Lewis Libby to avoid jail is maddening. I rarely blog about Republicans because I don’t see what difference it makes. Once you’ve written or read the 500th blog post saying Mr. Bush is a bad guy, I think you have the idea.

But this out of jail deal really makes me mad.

What I’ll do here is turn a negative into a positive by saying that I see much merit in State Rep. Rick Noriega running for the U.S. Senate in a Democratic primary in 2008. If I do that than Mr. Bush and Mr. Libby have not defined my actions. I’ve taken charge of this blog post.  

I think Mr. Noriega as an Hispanic, a solider and a Democrat would make a strong candidate in both the primary and the general election.

And I’m pretty sure Mr. Noriega’s wife reads my blog at times. I go with that. 

A Mikal Watts is also running for the Senate as a Democrat and he seems something of an operator. I don’t trust this Mr. Watts.

I note that the Congressional Quarterly Guide to U.S. Elections reports that the no-good incumbent, John Cornyn, won only 55% of the vote for U.S. Senator in 2002. Mr. Cornyn has never had wide support in Texas.     

I’m a bit sheepish about hopping on a bandwagon. Many Texas bloggers have come out for Mr. Noriega. (Here is South Texas Chisme.) I did try to think of reasons I was against the idea. I admit that I could not think of any good reasons.

So, yes, Rick Noriega for U.S. Senator from Texas in 2008. He might well do a good job as both a candidate and as a Senator. I’ll donate to this cause if he runs and maybe do more as well.   


July 2, 2007 - Posted by | Houston, Politics, Texas


  1. Sometimes when a bunch of people get together on something, it’s because it’s a good idea.

    I just really like the sound of “United States Senator Rick Noriega”.

    Glad to have you on board. This train is picking up steam. Should be quite a trip to DC.

    Comment by boadicea | July 3, 2007

  2. Yes– Sometimes a good idea brings folks together. Yet other times many people together is a lynch mob.

    Most often I think it is a bit of both.

    Comment by neilaquino | July 3, 2007

  3. DAMN that libby! I too am royally pissed. I feel like lighting a torch and marching. Stupid bastard president.

    Comment by john cobarruvias | July 3, 2007

  4. John..I can tell I’m in favor with you when you leave a nice comment on the blog. Your views of me ebb and flow like the tides in our Galveston Bay.

    Please know however, that I love you all of the time. I love all my fellow bloggers. I love the ones that like me because they like me and I love the ones that don’t because I say ” Bless those that curse you.” and because I assume most folks on my side of the aisle are okay.

    Comment by neilaquino | July 3, 2007

  5. Rick’s a blog reader, also. 🙂

    Comment by muse | July 3, 2007

  6. Well then I’d like a post office named after my pet goldfish arranged if Mr. Noriega is elected.

    Comment by neilaquino | July 3, 2007

  7. Cool! : )

    Comment by TXsharon | July 4, 2007

  8. […] Rick Noriega for the Democratic nomination – and a lot of people (notably including myself and TexasLiberal in this post) think that could be quite a […]

    Pingback by Mikal Watts v. John Cornyn (R-TX): Is Markos Right about the 2008 Texas Senate Race? at DailyWrit | July 4, 2007

  9. I like how when the left cries foul on scotter the right brings up clintons pardons over 3 times bush. they are both foul so just call it foul and quit using the past presidents as a marker. its wrong and its sick and americans hate it and hate politicians and are sick of the same old game in d.c.. we are a country with no flag and we have no voice. the us dollar is all we have and china is buying it up with our money that we loose in the trade deficit each year. We need to wake up soon or there will be nothing left.

    Comment by bill brady | July 7, 2007

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