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I’ll Turn Scooter Anger Into A Rick Noriega Endorsement

Abe Lincoln said never to write anything when you are angry. I’m breaking that rule. It’s not the first time I have broken that rule.

The decision of our Texas President President George W. Bush to allow Lewis Libby to avoid jail is maddening. I rarely blog about Republicans because I don’t see what difference it makes. Once you’ve written or read the 500th blog post saying Mr. Bush is a bad guy, I think you have the idea.

But this out of jail deal really makes me mad.

What I’ll do here is turn a negative into a positive by saying that I see much merit in State Rep. Rick Noriega running for the U.S. Senate in a Democratic primary in 2008. If I do that than Mr. Bush and Mr. Libby have not defined my actions. I’ve taken charge of this blog post.  

I think Mr. Noriega as an Hispanic, a solider and a Democrat would make a strong candidate in both the primary and the general election.

And I’m pretty sure Mr. Noriega’s wife reads my blog at times. I go with that. 

A Mikal Watts is also running for the Senate as a Democrat and he seems something of an operator. I don’t trust this Mr. Watts.

I note that the Congressional Quarterly Guide to U.S. Elections reports that the no-good incumbent, John Cornyn, won only 55% of the vote for U.S. Senator in 2002. Mr. Cornyn has never had wide support in Texas.     

I’m a bit sheepish about hopping on a bandwagon. Many Texas bloggers have come out for Mr. Noriega. (Here is South Texas Chisme.) I did try to think of reasons I was against the idea. I admit that I could not think of any good reasons.

So, yes, Rick Noriega for U.S. Senator from Texas in 2008. He might well do a good job as both a candidate and as a Senator. I’ll donate to this cause if he runs and maybe do more as well.   


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Independence Day Alternatives To Accommodation And Assimilation

This Independence Day week, Texas Liberal will run a series of posts I’m calling “Four For The Fourth—Alternatives To Accommodation And Assimilation.”

I’m going to discuss four Americans who chose paths other than “going along to get along.”    

As the week progresses, the historical figure I write about will be a person who followed a more radical course than the individual featured the previous day.          

Tomorrow, I’ll start by writing about Franklin Roosevelt’s Labor Secretary Frances Perkins. Perkins imagined a government with an expanded conception of the value of every human being.

Wednesday, I’ll feature former Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater. Goldwater stuck to his principles over time, even after defeat, and saw the political system remade somewhat in his image.

Thursday’s post will consider Revolutionary hero Thomas Paine. Paine wanted a complete change in how Americans were governed.

Finally, on Friday I’ll write about Tecumseh. Tecumseh thought he was better off dead than living under the control of whites.

A message of this series is “There are always other options.”   

Thanks for reading Texas Liberal. 

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