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Houston Is One Giant Day Labor Hall

The City of Houston has decided to no longer fund a day labor hall for immigrant workers. Given the economic benefit to Houston of these workers, it is difficult to understand why this is being done.

A day labor hall allows immigrant workers waiting for work to be inside instead of outside. 

Democratic Mayor Bill White says he will find private funding for this hall. I don’t vote for Democrats so that private parties can take over the functions of government.

Of course, it is true that a day labor hall in Houston is redundant. Houston is one giant day labor hall of non-unionized, underpaid, transient workers. It has been since day one in Houston for workers of all races and regardless of immigration status. 

This lousy treatment of working people is what has helped make Houston the great engine of housing foreclosures and uninsured children it is today. 

Maybe we should put a dome over the whole city. (Think of all the illegals we would need to build a dome over the whole city.)  Maybe the Astrodome was the prototype for the construction of the world’s largest day labor hall—The City of Houston, Texas.

June 28, 2007 Posted by | Houston, Immigration | 3 Comments