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A Suggestion That Shamu Should Eat Trainer

Based on search engine traffic and comments on the blog, a popular subject with the people is marine life and, especially, odd or freaky stories about marine life.

It is wrong not to give the people what they want.

Last year I made a post about a so-called “Shamu” attacking her trainer at Sea World in San DiegoSan Antonio, Texas also has a Sea World.

A few weeks ago I got this comment from a reader—

David Lumley Says: why are you “glad” the handler is ok? humans are not an endangered spieces and by being desperate to have the perfect job handling these animals, which are far too big to kept in a tank, we perpetuate thier captivity.And for what ?…so we can take our children to be splashed when we and they should make the effort to visit them in the wild or watch them on tv instead. I wish Shamu had eaten the handler and then been shot as man eater and put out of its misery. Take your kids to see that!

I get a fair amount of search engine traffic about Shamu. People have reached this blog by asking, “ What do they do with Shamu when he dies?” and  How many Shamu whales have their been?”

I don’t know the exact answers to these questions, but I do know that when one so-called Shamu dies Sea World goes out and gets another one. They get one after another.

I also posted on the blog about the capture of a 100 year old rockfish off Alaska. Maybe that’s why I got a search engine hit asking “How old am I in fish years?” 

Recently an over 100 year old bowhead whale was killed in Alaska. When it was opened up, an old harpoon bit was found in the whale’s flesh. Apparently, the whale had survived an attack by New England based whalers in the 19th century.

Don’t worry though—Humans finally caught up with this whale and killed it. We are intent on bringing to sea creatures the same misery we inflict on our own kind.

Click here for a post on what is done with Shamu after he dies. 

June 27, 2007 Posted by | Blogging, Sea Life | 8 Comments