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Stonewall Democrats Now Get Money I Once Sent To Human Rights Campaign

I got a mailing from the Human Rights Campaign a few days back inquiring about my membership status. They said it was “unknown.” I also still get mailings from them about Houston issues and events.  

I’m not sure how it was unknown since I e-mailed them last year saying I wasn’t giving them any more money. I told them this was because of their support of Republicans such as now former Senator Lincoln Chaffee of Rhode Island. 

(In fairness, I should disclose that I’m a native Rhode Islander. Whenever the late Senator John Chaffee would come on TV my father would swear quite angrily.  He’d say “There’s that f****** Chaffee.” Still, despite the family legacy of Chaffee-disdain, I know I come to my point honestly.) 

You help one (or more) Republican and you help them all.

All I had ever sent HRC was maybe $80 in two donations. I’m not a big donor. Though I did once buy one of their coffee mugs in the HRC store in Washington, D.C.

I’m sending my next $40 donation to Stonewall Democrats. I figure the use of the word Democrat in the name suggests they won’t be giving to any Republicans.

I lived in Cincinnati when that city passed a mean-spirited anti-gay initiative in 1993. (It’s since been repealed by voters.) At that time we had a councilwoman and future Mayor named Roxanne Qualls who had very strong support among gays. Yet she took very little moral leadership on the issue. When you can’t count on your own, who can you count on?

Now that I’ve taken a shot at Roxanne I can move on to my real point.

Gay folks just want to live normal lives like everybody else. Regretfully, one normal thing many of them would like to do is vote Republican on economic issues. It’s just that much of the Republican base keeps saying gays are going to spend eternity in Hell. It’s hard to vote for someone saying that about you.

I’m sending my $40 to these Stonewall Democrats with the trust that they will advocate for both social and economic fairness and that they will not support Republicans.       

June 25, 2007 Posted by | Cincinnati, Politics | 4 Comments