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I’m Drunk, I Love My Wife & She And I Once Visited Henry Clay’s Home In Kentucky

It’s 1:30 AM, I’ve been at a party and I had a lot of wine. Wine helps me reconcile myself to the fact that I live in Texas. It also makes me love nearly everybody. Most of all I love my wife.

My wife went with me to this party and she drove us home. Our great national  history is never far from my mind. While driving home I thought of the time the wife and I went to Lexington, Kentucky and we went to the home of Henry Clay. It was cold as hell.

My advice to anybody reading this is to value every meaningful relationship you have a great deal. Little is more important.  Please also recall that you never know where a meaningful relationship will come from. People you don’t suspect may become friends.  

June 24, 2007 Posted by | My Wife Is The Best Person Ever, Posts Made While Drinking Wine | 5 Comments