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Looking Forward To Melissa Noriega’s New Voice On Tough Questions On Houston City Council

Houston’s health insurance crisis was the subject of a front-page USA Today article that ran on Tuesday of this week. The article discussed the large number of uninsured people in Houston and the effects of this reality on individuals and  families.

The Houston Chronicle on Thursday, June 21, ran a story on the Houston city budget as passed by City Council. Incredibly given the needs of a poor city like Houston, a property tax cut was included.

Where were Democrats on Council in advocating for the needs of people in Houston who could use some help? Where was our Democratic Mayor?

Of course, money was found for an extra police recruit class. And earlier this week Harris County announced a bond issue to be placed on the November ballot. The bulk of these new funds would go to jails and other aspects of our so-called “justice” system.

Is the plan to run a police state in Houston and simply give up any notion that life in our city can be made better?

These recent articles and events are why I’m hopeful about Melissa Noriega as a new voice on Houston City Council. Ms. Noriega has shown herself to be an imaginative and long-term thinker in the style of one of her political role models—Former Houston Congresswoman Barbara Jordan.

One new member won’t make our Houston City Council over in the short-term. But one effective voice for economic fair play and basic social justice can leave a lasting impact. I believe Councilwoman-elect Noriega can be that voice for Houston

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