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Larry Hagman, Correct That Luck Is What Counts Most, Tops Weekend Reading List

At the top of the reading list this weekend is Hello Darlin.’ This book is the autobiography of the actor and fellow Texan Larry Hagman 

Here’s what Larry says in the introduction about luck—“When people ask for my secret, I tell them it’s been 20 percent hard work and 80 percent luck. I think a lot of life comes down to that….So little is in our control.” 

Larry has that right. Luck about where you are born, who you parents are, and the time in history you are born into makes much of the difference.

You need to work hard to be successful. But anybody who tells you that hard work guarantees success is living in a fantasy land. It never has guaranteed success and it never will.  

June 15, 2007 - Posted by | Books

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  1. Getting back to Macau china, there were some really unlucky people here. in 1999 i came two weeks before the handover to china and the populations was primarily from Portugul about 70%. Its now 97% chinese.
    Not sure where they all went, no one is. the poor were displaced and the rich land owners were no longer rich. they were suicides here at handover not as many as hong kong but there were plenty. speaking with my Chinese friends they loved coming to macau because of the mix of culture and the ecletic cuisines and shops etc.. its all chinese now and there are casinos going up left and right and the job that I am on at times has 17000 people working the site in a day. someone here is quite lucky but most are not. the country was poor but rich with spirit, that spirit is gone.

    Comment by bill brady | June 24, 2007

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