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Thoughts On Stonewall Democrats

A Texas blogger recently posted that he’d been manning the booth of a group called “Stonewall Democrats.” I’d not heard of this group before. I did a little research and I have some thoughts.

Stonewall itself is not new to me. Stonewall is the name of a gay bar raided by New York City police in 1969. That raid, and the protest that followed the raid, is seen as a founding moment of the gay rights movement in the United States.

When I ran for the Cincinnati School Board in 1997, I was endorsed by Stonewall Cincinnati. The Stonewall I knew mostly endorsed Democrats, but also endorsed local Republicans. Stonewall Cincinnati had no formal affiliation with either party. (I ran as an independent.)

I always thought Stonewall Cincinnati was wrong to endorse Republicans. The record of the Republican Party was so bad on so many essential questions, that it merited no allegiance from any group that claimed a commitment to social justice.

So you’d think I’d support a group called “Stonewall Democrats.” No room for Republicans in that outfit.

Well, I imagine I do support the aims of Stonewall Democrats. I’m sure the people involved are decent and the goals pursued are good.  (Here are links to the national group and to the Austin chapter. The web page for the Houston chapter no longer exists. Galveston has a chapter listed but no web page.)

What gave me some thought was the use of the word “Stonewall” linked to one of the major political parties. The website of the national group has a photo of board members with DNC chair Howard Dean.

I don’t wager that the Democratic Party back in 1969 was on board with gay rights. It took a number of years past that point. If gay folks, or blacks, or women, or anybody, relied on one of the major political parties to take the initial actions required for basic human rights, these groups would have a long wait.

We may broadly support the stated goals of a political party. Yet it is also always so that these parties are using us for purposes having little to do with our beliefs. Parties have donors to reward and politicians to elect and reelect. They are entities that exist outside the reasons we offer them our support.

I’ll admit the contradiction here. On one hand, I criticized Stonewall Cincinnati for endorsing Republicans. On the other hand, I’m expressing some pause about linking the Stonewall name to the Democratic Party. Wanting to have it both ways is a luxury open to an observer. It is not an option necessarily open to a participant investing his or her own time and effort for a cause.

That’s okay though. I have no criticisms of the Stonewall Democrats. I just thought the name was interesting and it elicited this blog post. As a matter of fact, I’m going to send them the $35 they request for a membership and sign up myself.

This will make up for the money I stopped sending to the Human Rights Campaign after they endorsed former Republican Senator Lincoln Chaffee of Rhode Island for reelection in 2006.        


June 14, 2007 - Posted by | Cincinnati, Politics


  1. I’ve never given much thought to the names “Stonewall Democrats” or “Log Cabin Republicans”. But I do understand why they exist.

    What I find myself often wondering more about are the clubs with names like “Suchandsuch Republican Men’s Club” or “BlahBlah Democratic Women”. OK, I mostly see these with relation to Republicans.

    When I think about my own experiences with the Democratic party, I can’t for the life of me think of why we would want to have any sort of gender segregation at all. I find the mix to make for good socialization and a fair exchange of ideas.

    I would never, EVER start a Democratic Men’s Club. Just my 2 cents.

    Comment by Whosplayin | June 14, 2007

  2. I’d like to start a Hard Cider Democratic Club in the spirit of William Henry Harrison’s Log Cabin 1840 campaign. We’d pass out the hard cider and anybody still standing could go out and vote.

    Comment by neilaquino | June 14, 2007

  3. Dear Non-Christian Stonewall Democrats,

    Not only is the National Board of Stonewall Democrats Washington, D. C. completely dominated by Christian LGBTs, but they also dominate all the individual SD boards in the cities and university campuses across the entire United States with the exception of two clubs which have atheist presidents.

    The question here is: Are the Christian LGBTs a majority within the Stonewall Democrats with the right to rule all the SD clubs according to their Christian bias and marginalizing atheists? To determine who has the real majority, I suggested that a national survey be carried out by the NSD Board to determine the statistics. This survey would have to be carried out by an impartial entity such as the Gallup Poll for obvious reasons. Although the NSD members say they welcome topics to discuss at the coming Convention in July, my proposal of a survey was promptly rejected. The obvious reason is that a survey would reveal that the Christian LGBTs are not the majority, so that the results of the survey would threaten their vested interests in their ensconced positions on all the SD boards throughout America.
    There is plenty of evidence to prove the Christian dominance of the Stonewall Democrats. First, it is stated in the aims of the Web pages that SDs defend the rights of LGBTs by the election of Democratic politicians who sympathize with them. But these “rights” are vague. They are not clearly specified by the Christian LGBTs. The reason for this is that the greatest right which non-Christian LGBTs aspire to is freedom from the intrusions and the insults by Christians in their lives. The right to Freedom From Religion is not mentioned in any of the myriad SD Web pages of the respective clubs. Naturally, the Christian LGBTs are not going to mention Freedom From Religion which affects them directly and threatens to undermine their sinecures.
    Secondly, some months ago I sent a circular to the atheist LGBTs in the SD clubs inviting them to organize themselves into a political faction called Democrats United For Freedom From Religion. This circular was sent to over fifty SD clubs throughout America. I never received a single reply because the Christian SD board members who were furious at the very mention idea of a rival group, saw to it that my e-mail did not reach their atheist members. If I should propose that this invitation be included in the program of the National Convention, you can imagine the violent rejection that proposal would receive by the Board members just as my proposal for a revealing poll of the religious and non-religious affiliations of all the SD members was rejected.
    Apparently, the atheist LGBTs tolerate meekly the domination of the Christian LGBTs in their respective clubs. I don’t agree with toleration of Christians by LGBTs because of the continual denigration of gays by priests, pastors, and televangelists such as Pat Robertson. Here is an example of the vicious, unscrupulous hate campaign carried out against gays by means of lurid posters distributed through the States.
    The poster is in full color and circulated by Christians to attak gays. It shows three naked men taking a shower together. The glaring titles are “Would you shower with these guys? Watch out! Don’t let Sodomites Recruit you into their Lifestyle. You can’t be too careful. Don’t turn your back on gays.
    Christians are warmed as follows: Beware of Recruitment into the Homosexual Lifestyle: Godless Sodomites Will Subvert Heterosexual Christian Society
    Image © Austin Cline; Original Poster: National Archives (This poster and others like it can be viewed by linking onto Austin’s About.com.Atheism Web page.)
    “God don’t like men coming to men with lust in their hearts like you should go to a female. If you think that the kingdom of God is going to be filled up with that kind of degenerate crap, you’re out of your damn mind.” Kansas City speech, 1996 Pastor Louis Farrakhan
    My third proposal to the Christian National SD Board was to submit for consideration, discussion, and debate in the Convention, the need to carry out a LGBT class action against those priests, pastors, and televangelists who continually slander them. Although these religious bigots express their atrocious insults such as the Farrakhan’s above freely, the rights of freedom of speech and of religion, in my opinion, do not condone calumny. This point could be fought up to the U.S. Supreme Court with a very good chance of gaining a victory against those Christian hatemongers. This proposal, naturally, was rejected also by the National SD board members.
    What can be said about Christian LGBTs who belong to Christian denominations whose priests, pastors, and televangelists attack them as shown in the example above? You would think that their dignity and pride would oblige them to abandon their hatemongering denominations. While I am sure that they themselves do not, hypocritically, distribute the anti-gay posters described above, the fact is that their tithings and donations to their respective Christian denominations help finance the design, production and distribution of those despicable posters.
    Since these posters and diatribes also refer to Christian LGBT s themselves, we atheist ask ourselves how they can overcome their pride and dignity while sitting in their churches and hear themselves being insulted. Surely, they must be masochists who get a sexual kick out of being insulted and humiliated. In Peru it is very common for the macho Andean Indian men to beat their wives. But their wives, with their aches and pains, bruises, and black eyes, reply to their brutal husbands by saying, “The more you beat me, the more I love you.” This popular Peruvian adage applies perfectly to Christian LGBTs who can paraphrase it and say to their chauvinist priests, pastors, and televangelists, “The more you insult me, the more I respect you.”
    In conclusion, although the Christian LGBTs dominate all the SD clubs in America, their day of reckoning will come sooner or later. Atheists will inevitably rouse themselves from the state of indifference and lethargy in which they linger now, but someday they will awake and take charge of the SD clubs which rightfully belong to them in order to obtain the priority right of Freedom From Religion. Send your comments, suggestions and ideas to Francis G. Johann fjohann21@gmail.com

    Comment by Francis G. Johann | June 6, 2010

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