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I Stopped At Ron Paul For President Rally On My Way Home From Work Today

I stopped at the convenience store on my way home from work this evening here in Houston. I wanted a Twinkie. After parking I noticed that a Ron Paul for President rally was taking place across the street. There were maybe 40 or 50 people at this event. 

Knowing fellow whack-jobs when I see them, I crossed the street to see what the story was. I figured I would fit in well-enough. I hoped that Congressman Paul was making some sort of appearance at the restaurant that seemed the focal point of the rally.

I thought of questions I could ask Mr. Paul—“What did you have for lunch today?” “Did you get a chance to catch high tide down in Galveston this afternoon? I hear it was really high.”

I crossed the street and a man on the corner holding a Paul For President sign smiled and asked if I had heard of Mr. Paul. I said I had. He handed me a brochure. He seemed like a nice guy. I was thinking here is a right-wink kook and I’m a left-wing kook. We could switch places and who would really know?

I asked the sign-man if Mr. Paul was speaking. He said no. He said that some sort of Republican meeting was taking place and that Mr. Paul’s supporters were here to make some kind of point. He was not sure what meeting it was or what the point was.

I could understand not knowing. Often the less you know, the less life hurts. He was along for the ride. Aren’t we all to a degree?

Without the excitement of an actual appearance by Ron Paul, I went back across the street and drove home.  

June 13, 2007 - Posted by | Best Posts Jan.-June 2007, Houston, Politics, Things I've Done


  1. And so what is your point? People often stand around and hand out literature for their candidates. That makes them wackos?

    Dr Paul is not only an excellent candidate but a wonderful person. You ought to meet him sometime. I think you’d be suprised that a lot of Democrats are coming back to the GOP because of Dr. Paul.

    Comment by NH | June 13, 2007

  2. One thing libertarians seem to lack to a degree is a capacity for abstract thought. It’s pretty clear I was taking a shot at myself as anything. This is why you good folks sometimes miss the connection between a society collecting enough taxes and the benefit those taxes provide for society as a whole. Money has a place beyond your own wallet or purse or bank account.

    I’d like very much to meet Congressman Paul. If he’d like to leave a comment on my blog to tell me where to meet him I’ll be there. He and I live in the same neck of the woods. In fact, I’ll buy him lunch and give a straight account of his views on this very blog if we can meet up.

    Comment by neilaquino | June 13, 2007

  3. I’m a Ron Paul supporter so far, and I thought your post was awesome. Libertarians aren’t anarchists – they indeed recognize a need for government, but just a very small one. Looking at the mess our government makes out of every program we fund for them, I’m just about convinced that maybe it’s time to try something different.

    Besides, he has literally said he’s not planning on gutting the existing social structure. He has not ever run on that, and he’s not running on that now. This time, he wants to strengthen the economy, end out involvement in the Middle East, and strip the powers that the executive branch has given itself.

    I don’t hear any Democrats saying they’re against National ID’s, the Patriot Act, Free Speech Zones…..Hillary just said that she envisions having troops in Iraq for at least 10 years, and Obama won’t rule out a nuclear strike on a country that hasn’t attacked anybody yet.

    Bush, Clinton or Bush….I’m tired of all this nation building stuff. We don’t have a moral obligation to the pieces of the world that don’t freaking want us there.

    Comment by Angela Thornton | June 13, 2007

  4. Who IS Ron Paul? They still need to know!!
    NOBODY explains Ron Paul
    BETTER than Ron Paul himself!

    Here is an interactive audio archive of
    Ron Paul speeches and interviews as a resource in chronological


    Ron Paul, regarding the motives behind the 911 attack, pointed out to Giuliani that in 1953, dubbed operation Ajax, the United States and British Petroleum, orchestrated the covert overthrow of Iran’s popular and overwhelmingly elected Prime Minister Mohammed Mosedec and installed the Shah. An intervention the people of Iran still resent to this day(blowback).That was the mistake of a long gone administration. We don’t do that stuff anymore.
    Do we?
    Take one hour of your time and watch this 2003 Irish documentary film.

    Comment by goldenequity | June 13, 2007

  5. Hey, I’ve been a right-wing wacko but these days most of my friends keep wandering why I’m such a liberal. Oddly enough, I have been drifting towards classic liberalism for a while now. I still consider myself libertarian, but only because they’re going the way I am, sort of.

    I support Ron Paul because he has a grasp of economics and understands liberty fairly well.

    What a previous poster said about sophistication is true; Ron Paul and his paleo conservative/libertarian base are simple people who are tired of being stepped on by complicated government. The immigration bill, for instance, is so long that reading it will be next to impossible for a lawyer, let alone an illegal immigrant.

    You sound like the sort of Texas liberal I have had long, enjoyable discussions with, and I think a compromise could be reached. However, Kucinich is the only Democrat and Paul is the only Republican that are actually facing reality. Clinton is off in her very own world, Obama doesn’t have a thought of his own in his blessed head, and, while he’s well read and well spoken, he never actually answers questions.

    Of course, I view McCain and Giuliani as pure evil and the front runner Romeny is a stuffed suit and a weather vain.

    The nicest thing about Paul is that he’s studied the issue to the best of his ability and formed an honest personal opinion that he’s not afraid to share. I’ll take that over Clinton and Romney any day.

    Great artical, by the way, well written and enjoyable.

    Comment by Perry Munger | June 13, 2007

  6. Thanks for your article about Ron Paul. Please do me a favor next time and stick around and tell us what their points were. You left me with such a feeling of curiosity. Seriously, what a tease this article ended up being.

    Comment by Jason Wharton | June 13, 2007

  7. Dear Left Wing Whacko: I used to be just like you. Now I’m just a whacko. You see, I couldn’t get past the fact that no matter where I looked, how much I drank, how many books by Nietzsche or Bukowski I read, government never did nobody any good. So I changed Teams. For all her faults, Ayn Rand seemed to make a lot more sense than anything else. And things really started to click with Lao Tzu and Hermann Hesse.

    I disagree with Dr. Paul on a few things, but these are relatively minor points. He is the only guy who’s dead right on the critical issue – war. He understands that war doesn’t accomplish anything except killing poor people and bankrupting poor people (mostly, a dash of middle-class thrown in). He’s Christian with the brains to not try to force it on anyone. He’s just some old guy, not a calculating liar. He’s perfect for the job.

    I hope you’ll come join the rest of us whackos. We ain’t so bad – we just want some honesty and some change.

    Comment by bret | June 13, 2007

  8. Bukowski is something of a libertarian for my tastes. Nietzsche is gloomy. I am though reading Burr by Gore Vidal. I’m bot fully sure where Aaron Burr would stand on the debates of the day.

    Comment by neilaquino | June 13, 2007

  9. Well I am a post-liberal myself. I grew up around punkers and hippies and all sorts of different types. my brother is in prison for drugs, and my mom & dad are ruined by the IRS, those are government inflicted woes. I realized when i thought back about my friends and aquaintances that some were Christians, Athiests, Commies, Anarchists, and most of my metal friends are actually fascist. I am drawn to Ron Paul most of all because my friends and family have never had much problems except those created by our unnecessary laws. I used to trust the government but i realized thet are like cops. If you call the cops to ask for their help in a petty crime situations a lot of times they will mess with you instead of helping, treating everyone equally like a criminal.

    Comment by joshua bruce l | June 13, 2007

  10. You are all a bunch of whackos and i love you. ignorance is bliss.

    Comment by george | June 13, 2007

  11. Josh I know the feeling you have like all people no one wants to get pulled over and no one wants to see anyone in jail. we have to look at getting people to make the right choices and helping each other instead we all keep our mouths shut and heads down like dogs. Like voting we are presented with a few lame coices. like the news here we are given a few lame choices like music the record labels give a few lame choices. the internet and blogs like neils are the last real choices and voices we have. such a small percentage of americans vote because they are too busy bitching about each other and blaming each other and fighting each other where as most common people in this county all have the same goal. to take care on number 1 and that attitude has to change if our police and public servants are going to be respectful and effective. It will not change anytime soon. We are a supernova superpower that will fade like all have over the centuries if we dont change the way we look at life and the world and stop consuming and participate in the world instead of stripping it for our self serving policies.

    Comment by bill brady | June 24, 2007

  12. Question as I see it is, do you want an oppressive world government like in 1984, or do you want Ron Paul?

    Comment by Johnnyb | September 8, 2007

  13. Sorry to you Paul people but Dr Paul is a certified WACKO. Who knows what kind of future our country will have if theis wack gets in office. And yes I have read his views. It doesnt suprise me that someone who knows very little was handing out literature, many people just want a place to fit in. They would work for anyone if they just get the chance to help out and feel significant.

    Comment by Jeffery | December 26, 2007

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