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Romania Holds No-Confidence Vote Because It Has A Parliament—Senate Holds No-Confidence Vote Because It Is Silly

The Parliament of Romania recently held a no-confidence vote reagarding the government of Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu. The Prime Minister survived. Romania has a parliamentary system where no-confidence votes are part of the process.

The United States Senate recently held a so-called no-confidence vote about Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. This vote was held because the Senate was engaged in a silly stunt.  

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Bjork Is Something Of A Libertarian But I Mostly Ignore It

I enjoy listening to Bjork. I like Bjork despite a suspicion I’ve had based on some of her song lyrics that she is something of a libertarian. My suspicions have been heightened with a song on her new album that sounds like something that could have been written by advocates of Texas independence. 

Bjork’s new album is called Volta . One of the songs on this album is “Declare Independence.” Bjork sings, “start your own currency/make your own stamp.” She also calls upon people to “raise your flag.” 

I’m no libertarian. I think people need to get with the program and help each other.  

So it goes. I like Bjork and I can’t be annoyed about everything. I will like Bjork as long as she does not sing in favor of a flat tax. 

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