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Immigration Protest Disrupts My Morning—I Learned Today I Live Near Senator Cornyn’s Houston Office

My morning peace today was disturbed by people outside chanting not far from where I reside.

My first hope was that the worker’s revolution was finally taking place. I went outside ready to join. Who would’ve guessed that it would start in Texas?

What I found were Hispanic activists protesting aspects of the current immigration proposal in Washington. There were maybe 15 or 20 demonstrators. They were walking up and down the sidewalk.

Most of the protestors were holding signs. Most of the signs were written in Spanish. It would have been better if more signs had been written in English so passing motorists would have had a better idea of what was taking place.

I asked one the demonstrators why they were marching in this specific location. He told me the building they were marching in front of is the location of Senator John Cornyn’s Houston office.

I had no idea I lived so close to Senator Cornyn’s office.

Should I put on a shirt and tie and go visit Senator Cornyn’s office? I could ask about the Senator’s views about the United States pulling out of North America. Or about the spacecraft from Andromeda I saw hovering over Galveston last week. I think they want to drain our oceans. 

Maybe I will do this. Doing so would waste time that Mr. Cornyn’s office would otherwise put towards the doing of immigrant bashing and other malicious works.        

June 7, 2007 - Posted by | Immigration, Politics, Texas


  1. Or you could show up with a poo stick and threaten them all…

    Comment by Whosplayin | June 7, 2007

  2. I wonder if they could get me one of those flags that fly over the Capitol? I think I’ll see.

    Comment by neilaquino | June 7, 2007

  3. LOL….. pulling out of North America.

    You should go up there and start leaving democratic opponents flyers. If we knew who he or she was.

    Or you could go up there and congratulate him on his amendment to the immigration getting defeated.

    Comment by nytexan | June 8, 2007

  4. Those are good ideas as well. I’m getting some good suggestions.

    Comment by neilaquino | June 8, 2007

  5. Your time and talents are better spent on the blog. the senator could give a shit about you or the mexicans. The hispanic protesters would get their message across better if they put in in english and lou dobbs would be happier as well.

    Comment by bill brady | June 10, 2007

  6. The Senator is bad by even Republican standards. Lou Dobbs is a meanie.

    Comment by neilaquino | June 13, 2007

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