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Is Leering At Women Joggers Only Duty Of Houston Horse Patrol Cops In Memorial Park?

Do Houston horse patrol officers in Memorial Park have any other duty but to leer at women joggers as they run on the Memorial Park jogging loop? 

This is a very insulting question. Of course these officers have other responsibilities.

For example, after the women jog by, it is the duty of these policemen to cast knowing glances at each other, and, if duty truly calls, they must also raise their eyebrows and make some sort of comment to a fellow horse patrol officer.

These are very busy police officers and I am sorry to suggest that they might have but one duty. It is in fact quite clear that they have as many as 3 or 4 responsibilities.   

June 6, 2007 Posted by | Best Posts Jan.-June 2007, Houston | 6 Comments