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Reaction To Falwell’s Death & Malcolm X’s Reaction To JFK’s Death


Jerry Falwell died today. I’m sorry when any person dies. Not long after Rev. Falwell’s death today, I heard some disparaging comments making light of his departure. I’m not comfortable with that sort of thing. As tempting as it can be at times, you can’t fight hate with hate.

( Please click here for a video where I read words by Malcolm X in a Houston black cemetery.) 

The comments I heard today about Rev. Falwell’s death reminded me, in a way, of what Malcolm X said after the shooting of President Kennedy. Malcolm said “the chickens had come home to roost.” 

While quite controversial at the time, these comments were not personal in regards to President Kennedy. Here is a take on what Malcolm said from Martin Luther King biographer Taylor Branch as written in the book Pillar Of Fire: America In The King Years 1963-1965

“Malcolm argued from history that the “climate of hatred” so widely blamed for the assassination was anything but marginal to American society. This was the gauntlet of an aspiring prophet—telling a nation that a revered leader had been struck down by a righteous punishment…..”

Rev. Falwell died from natural causes. No lesson can be drawn from his death. The best thing in regards to Rev. Falwell is to just move forward and hope that he has found some peace from all that sad anger.  

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  1. I have to agree with you about Falwell’s death. I had no respect for the man’s belief’s or point of view, but the death of any human is not a cause for celebration.

    The desire of some to dance on his grave shows their own shortcomings, not his.

    Comment by jobsanger | May 16, 2007

  2. I couldn’t have said it better. Everyone’s days are numbered, no matter how right or wrong they may be.

    I’ll say it a million times if I have to: More love, No Fear:

    Comment by Whosplayin | May 16, 2007

  3. Thanks for the comments. It is indeed true that all our days are numbered. I see that one of Martin Luther King’s daughters died today at 51. You never know when your time will be up.

    Comment by neilaquino | May 16, 2007

  4. Nice post. The first time I’ve ever heard of Falwell was in Larry Flynt’s biopic (that should tell you my age group). By the way what do you mean by,

    As tempting as it can be at times, you can’t fight hate with hate

    Are you saying Falwell propagated hate? If so, in what way?

    Comment by Laz | May 16, 2007

  5. Laz–Yes. I felt that the career- long statements of Rev. Falwell regarding gays, among others, reflected hate that he had for gays. Or, at the least, were meant to engender this type of hate for the advancement of his cause and of his cause’s bank account.

    Comment by neilaquino | May 17, 2007

  6. He wouldn’t have called it hate. He called it preaching the Christian word. His words and literature was very hateful toward gays and felt that any other non-Christian believers, namely Jews, were spiritually lacking.
    I didn’t know he died of natural causes. The NY Times reported that he was found unconscious in his office with no known cause of death.
    He will have his share of mourners and grave-dancers. That’s for sure.

    Comment by Shannon Slim | May 17, 2007

  7. Dancing On Your Grave is a great Motorhead song.

    Comment by neilaquino | May 17, 2007

  8. Which statements of his show that he hated gays?

    Comment by Laz | May 17, 2007

  9. Here’s one regarding 9/11: “the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians — who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle — the ACLU, People for the American Way, all of them who have tried to secularize America. I point the finger in their face and say, ‘You helped this happen.'”

    Comment by Whosplayin | May 17, 2007

  10. This is hate? I say it borders closer to ignorance, perhaps even arrogance but not hate, but in a postmodern who determines what ‘hate’ is, right? 😉

    Comment by Laz | May 17, 2007

  11. My days are numbered and I would hope no one would enjoy knowing I have died but I will be dead and it wont matter. Personally I was glad to see such a negative hateful person leave and I can only hope that he is greeted in heaven by some really loving nice gay pagan abortionist. anyone who preaches hate in the name of a god where that god is supposed to be all loving and understanding will get what is coming to them when and if they meet this power. I am a athiest pagan abortionist and I love my gay brothers and sisters.

    Comment by Bill Brady | May 19, 2007

  12. Bill,
    There goes that word “hate” again, can you supply a specific example of Falwell’s “hate”?

    Comment by Laz | May 21, 2007

  13. Yes he hated everyone that was not like him. He thought that if you did not get saved that you would burn in hell. he hated gays,abortionist,pagans, anyone that was not as christian as he was. I dont believe in god but i respect and dont care if someone else does. I think that people need to mind thier business and let people believe what they want. I like how bush hijacked god from the democrats. most people in our country believe in god and the republicans and people like falwell have said this is thier country and thier god and everyone else is wrong but them. Its crap and all the christians that are not extremist should stop the extremist from giving them a bad name and stealing thier same god, I will state it again I am glad he is dead. I dont hate him but hated the idea and the thoughts and the message he wanted to spread. he was a sick powerful man using the name of god in vain the one unforgivable sin. If there is a hell he will sure be there.

    Comment by bill brady | May 23, 2007

  14. Bill, Bill, Bill… Come now, “he hated everyone”? Did you know the man personally? You’re stretching when you didn’t know him personally and are able to make such sweeping statements.

    You don’t hate him just “the thoughts and the message he wanted to spread,” right?

    So you can hate the man’s worldview but not the man himself? Couldn’t this be said about Falwell? He hated the worldview of certain people but not the people themselves? Was it possible with him as it is with you?

    I hate to break it to you, but Christianity is most extreme. When Jesus calls us to love our enemies and to pray for them, in the eyes of the natural man is that not extreme?

    What about when He tells us to turn the other cheek? That’s not extreme? The life Jesus Christ calls His followers (Christian = little Christ) is extreme in the most em, extreme sense of the word.

    When He tells us that the love we have for our family and our very selves must pale in comparison with the love we have for Him. The gulf must be so wide that the former has to seem like hate, that’s not extreme? When He tells us to pick up our cross daily and follow Him, that’s not extreme? Dying to self is not extreme?

    Any other definition of a “Christian” is nothing more than soft soap and wishful thinking, or as CS Lewis puts it, “Christianity-and-water”. I prefer “playing church”.

    Comment by Laz | May 25, 2007

  15. Well in actuality Laz, he uhh DID hate everyone who disagreed w/him
    He hated everyone and anyone who was different or had opposing views. He hid that hatred behind condescending smiles and statements about how “those people” were “unfortunately misguided and lost”. He hid behind biblical scripture and his holier than thou take on Life. He hated any & all things secular,he hated gays, he hated liberals, he hated people who believe in rights for women, minorities and gays. He hated “mixing of the races”, Democrats & Tinky Winky for pete’s sake. His McCarthy- esque methods & ideolgy was closed minded and dangerous. The truly frightening thing about him was the large number of followers he had. I for one am glad his bigoted,ignorant, Fundementalist,bible thumping,hate spreading mouth is closed forever.One less bigot in this world is as Martha Stewart says;”a good thing”. Amen & pass the plate my brotha…

    Comment by rita kent | June 4, 2007

  16. Rita, did you know Falwell?

    Comment by Laz | June 5, 2007

  17. This is an old post, but Laz, I knew Falwell and yes he hated “who was different or had opposing views. He hated any & all things secular,he hated gays, he hated liberals, he hated people who believe in rights for women, minorities and gays. He hated “mixing of the races”, Democrats & Tinky Winky for pete’s sake.” He even told me that he hated himself. It was kinda sad. :/

    Comment by Katherine | May 2, 2010

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