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All People In Farmers Branch Merit An Effort At Understanding

The city council of Farmers Branch, Texas has passed mean and restrictive laws regarding immigrants in that community. At current, the people of that town are voting to ratify or reject those laws.

It’s easy to make fun of Farmers Branch. Yet this is a town of under 30,000 people being asked to deal with a global problem. Where is the help they need from the federal government or state government to address issues spurred by new populations?

Texas Liberal’s bottom line feeling about immigrants is the more the merrier. My last name is loaded with vowels and my father told me long ago to trust people with many vowels in their names. I follow that advice every day here in Houston.

That said, places like Farmers Branch need help from the Federal Government and from state government. Fearful people do dumb and, often, rotten things. Everyone merits compassion and understanding. 

April 30, 2007 - Posted by | Politics, Texas


  1. uhh… outlawing illegal immigrants from renting apartments is pretty logical. They are ILLEGAL immigrants. It is the same thing as somebody who has commited a crime and is on the run. The key word is illegal, that means against our laws which have consequences if you break them. It is a pretty simple idea. We need to help Mexico fix itself so that these poor people do not have to resort to becoming criminals in America.

    Comment by Jake | May 2, 2007

  2. thats a little naive jake. how much are willing to pay for everything illegal immigrants lower the cost on? maybe you are not aware of all the services and food you eat and the overall nationwide contribution that is made by these hard working(not all) people that are screwed by the big and small businesses that exploit these people everyday they are in our country. Jake where is your bloodline from? where your family not once from somewhere besides here? unless you are apache my guess is you have no idea what you are talking about.

    Comment by bill b | May 2, 2007

  3. I already mow my own lawn. I do know that prices to different services will go up, but it is a necessary step. Maybe people will stop being lazy and mow their own lawn and clean their own house. It might help with the obesity problem. They do contribute, but they also bring down society. I live down in Texas so I deal with them everyday pretty much. I can look at the local high school statistics and see that the Latino scores are usually 20-30% lower than those of the whites and asians. They bring their hard work, but they unfortunately bring along their culture as well. Their culture calls for many kids, Spanish language, and the superiority of men over women. I have seen these things first hand. The corporations are need to be blamed just as much as anybody else, and strict penalties need to be put on them. I am from Germany by the way, great-grandparents immigrated over LEGALLY. They did the paperwork and passed over, no sneaking over a border.

    Comment by Jake | May 2, 2007

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