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All People In Farmers Branch Merit An Effort At Understanding

The city council of Farmers Branch, Texas has passed mean and restrictive laws regarding immigrants in that community. At current, the people of that town are voting to ratify or reject those laws.

It’s easy to make fun of Farmers Branch. Yet this is a town of under 30,000 people being asked to deal with a global problem. Where is the help they need from the federal government or state government to address issues spurred by new populations?

Texas Liberal’s bottom line feeling about immigrants is the more the merrier. My last name is loaded with vowels and my father told me long ago to trust people with many vowels in their names. I follow that advice every day here in Houston.

That said, places like Farmers Branch need help from the Federal Government and from state government. Fearful people do dumb and, often, rotten things. Everyone merits compassion and understanding. 

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A Little Wine Reminds Us That Emotions Are An Excellent Way To Figure Out What We Believe

I’m not a big drinker. At least if you don’t count tonight. The wife is out of town and it seemed like a good night for a bottle of wine. Wine reminds me that at heart I like everybody. 

At least in concept.

Emotion is a fine enough guide for how we conduct politics and for the setting of public policy. We should not be afraid to express emotion or to allow our feelings to dictate what we believe.

And that is not just the third glass of wine talking.  


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