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Picasso & The Creative Nature Of Blogging And Of Political Office

I recently read a biography of the American artist Bill de Kooning. The book was called De Kooning—An American Master.

De Kooning admired Picasso. Picasso’s approach to art is a useful approach for a wide range of endeavors. Here is what the book says about Picasso—

“An artist who seemed to reject nothing, Picasso allowed not one but three histories to enter his art: His personal history; the history of his century…and the history of art.”  

The willingness and ability to take in as many sources as possible is beneficial to any creative project. 

What we define as creative in nature can extend well beyond the arts. A blog, how we conduct relationships, the scope or range of powers offered by a political office, and the human personality are all subject to creative impulses.

In terms of political office, we are often told that many of the most severe problems in Houston and other places are outside the scope of local or state officials.

Yet no set guidelines exist for how these offices are to be conducted. Politics is at core an act of imagination.

The more sources we draw from, the more interesting and the more useful to others we will be.   


April 29, 2007 - Posted by | Art, Blogging, Books, Politics

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